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Bookies take beats on which Beatle tracks will go #1 first.

So what are your bets for the first #1 downloadable single from the group from merry olde England?  Where will your favorite Beatle track end up in the charts.  While personally not my favorite track Hey Jude gets my vote for the first Beatle single to go #1 in the online charts with a bullet.

Which track do you think will go #1 first?  Post your top tracks in the comments.

Here’s what we’ve read.

Bookies are taking bets on which Beatles song reaches No 1 first — after legal downloads of their hits moved closer. The band have finally settled a £30million royalties row with music giant EMI — and punters rushed to lay bets on 5/2 favourite Hey Jude.

Yesterday was backed at 9/1 while the Love Me Do odds were slashed from 25/1 to 10/1 after a flurry of action.

A William Hill spokesman said: “If they’re all released together punters think Hey Jude will come up trumps but there is a decent amount of shrewd money for Love Me Do.”

Source: The Sun UK


9 Responses

  1. If Beatles fans want to rig the charts, why not be really left field and all download Revolution 9 – that’ll give the radio stations a headache.

  2. I think Revolution 9 would give me a headache, too.

    I hope some of the good songs that were never actually singles get up in the charts. Then again, almost all of the songs that weren’t singles were good songs.

    But I’m afraid I’ll have to agree that Hey Jude and Yesterday are gonna be right on top….

  3. I’d like to see something that wasn’t a number one in the sixties make it there: likely candidates I suppose are Yesterday, When I’m Sxty Four, Here Comes The Sun, All My Loving. Perhaps Penny Lane or Strawberry Fields will make it back to where they once belonged – number one. But we don’t even know it’s going to happen yet…

  4. I think Penny Lane, Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds and Strawberry Fields need to get back up where they belong….

    but i’d liek to see something new in the #1 spot… liek All my Loving, but I’d really like to see Get Back and I’ve Got a Feeling…

    or even one of the not as known beatle songs, like Any Time At All, I’m A Loser, tons more, you know?

    i honestly don’t care as long as the greatest music ever created is back on the radio.

  5. I imagine and hope that “NOW AND THEN” will be a huge number one hit as a download hen will it be released christmas o7 thats my guess

  6. My pick for #1 download, Eleanor Rigby.

  7. “now and then” , now that would be something. i hope it does come out. by the way, heather mills fell on her butt tonight. every beatle fans wish came true tonight.

  8. I remember when toy story first came out. The graphics were so ahead of its times. Pretty cool theyve made it so popular

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