Release date set & tracklistings for Paul McCartney’s next album leaked.

It looks like the trickle of information regarding Paul McCartney’s next release is opening up into a flood.  The release date for Paul’s next album, tentatively titled Memory Almost Full, is set for June 5th, 2007 in the United States.  I find it a bit odd that with this date fast approaching we have not heard anything official.  We could all be speculating and rumor mongering for nothing.


It looks like a tentative track listing has appeared on a Beatles message board as well.  If this track listing is true, and it looks like some of it was leaked yesterday in the Rolling Stone article, than this very well could be one of Paul’s rock masterpieces.  This album seems bittersweet and nostalgic, yet very forward thinking all at the same time. 

Sonically, I guess we’ll have to wait and see.  Here’s the first of the rumored tracklistings that we’ve seen thus far.  We can’t take credit for this one, and the commentary is not ours.  If you are the individual who posted this on the messageboard, I hope you don’t mind that we posted it here. 

Here’s what we’ve read.

Paul McCartney: Memory Almost Full

1. To Be Said
Based on the poem. A short string quartet piece. Delicate.
2. Bring the Dawn
Huge production number, mellatrons to brass, booming drum.

3. Memory Almost Full
Nice pop song (see Driving Rain), likely first single. Some electronica.
4. Love Hear My Thunder
Stones-like rocker. Peak Wings.
5. Robber of Soul
Funky jazz/brass number, unlike anything in catalog so far.
6. Cracks in the Earth.
Elec piano ballad, sounds like a chaos track.
7. Buy the Farm
Solid rocker, Steve Miller-ish.
8. It Happens Every Time
Tight tight rocker, best song here.
9. Silent Water
Piano/organ/electronica song- nice lyrics.
10. God Damn Rock ‘n Roll
Sounds like a BTTE outtake- almost punk.
11. Pizza and Fairytales
Most Beatle-esue- reminds of Return to Pepperland.
12. Pictures in Song Suite
Almost 15 minutes- a true song suite, divided into four movements- most people won’t get how good this is.

Source: JPGR Messageboard


11 Responses

  1. wow….although the “most people wont get how good this is” description of pictures in song suite is a bit of a puzzling statement.

  2. this sounds too good to be true, this seems to be a forgery I bring your attention to the PIZZA & FAIRYTAILS title in particular I hope its true it seems like the dream album HOWEVER this does seem to be a prank have you any confirmation at all?

  3. It does sound too good to be true LOL Pizza and Fairytales… that would have been more appropriate in the 70s.

  4. many are now confirming that this story was 100% false never any merit whatsoever sources directly involved with the making of the album deny any truth at all good reporting! what’s next bigfoot ufo

  5. Stories like this are what Blogs are all about. Fact or fiction, it is the bloggers job to present any and all information to the reader pertaining to the topic and it is up to the reader to decide the value of the information.

    Matt does lead of with “If this track listing is true…”

    Bigfoot info can be found at

  6. david kahn his producer is dimissing this as fake.

  7. Joefo….thanks for the support there. A story like this is simply a rumor. As a Beatle fan I enjoy the rumoring and the speculation. It’s a fun little game. Never in the story did I say this was fact, I thought I was clear that it was nothing more than a rumor that I had read in a messageboard. It would be cool if that was true, but I never said that it was.

    Besides, there is truth in every rumor and lie. So some of this has to be true. As I said in the posting, we’ll have to wait for the official press release and detailed album listing. In the meantime, enjoy the speculating.

  8. This one is a fake. Someone in LA report on hearing the real album last night and his description can be found on the Steve Hoffman forum. It looks to be true and it sounds like we’re in for a McTreat x 100!!

  9. We posted an article today that lists the tracklisting from the Steve Hoffman forums.

  10. […] factual, but it sure is fun to speculate now.  It looks like the tracklist that we posted yesterday may be a work of fiction.  Or is this new one a work of fiction?  I didn’t write them, […]

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