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Neil Aspinall quits as Apple Records CEO.

It looks as if Neil Aspinall has finally called it a day as the head of The Beatle’s Apple label.  We had posted previous grumblings two months ago that he may leave, amidst the Apple vs. Apple court hearings, but now it is official. 

It looks like this may be a new beginning for the Beatles and their label as they slowly enter the digital realm.  The reasons for Aspinall’s leaving are not given, but we can all speculate I suppose.  Maybe it was simply his time to leave?

These are interesting developments indeed.  We’ll have to see how this effects the Fab Four and their upcoming remasters and their release.  Maybe Neil didn’t like the direction the ship was heading in?  Maybe he simply wanted to call it a day?  Either way, the Apple family is losing a longtime member.  Hopefully his predessor can handle the responsibility with as much love and care as Neil himself did. Time will tell.

Here’s what we’ve read. 

Neil Aspinall, the CEO of The Beatles’ record company Apple Corp, has left the label. Aspinall was at Apple Corp for 40 years, and was close friends with the band.

Reasons for him deciding to leave were not given with a statement simply explaining: “He has decided to move on.” Aspinall will be replaced as the head of Apple Corps by Jeff Jones, who had been at SonyBMG since 1995.

One of his first challenges will include releasing The Beatles’ material online. So far the Fab Four have shunned legal downloads, but EMI, who release the band’s records, recently revealed they are “working on” making The Beatles’ songs available through legal download sites.

Source: NME 


4 Responses

  1. It is the ending of an era, and the beginning of a new one!

  2. He has been a loyal employee to the fabs, it is believed that he retiring due to health problems. This is an interesting change!

  3. Whisper are that the “poor health” may just be spin, and that Apples directors were not happy with the way things were going.

  4. Maybe now we can look forward to some needed releases like a Pepper box set and the Let It Be Movie.

    Are you listening Mr. Jeff Jones (Aspinall’s replacement)?

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