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Magical Mystery Tour Bus to go on display in Cleveland and other cities in the US.

I always get excited when stuff happens in my city.  The Britisih are comingThe British are coming!  OK, they’re not really coming to Cleveland, but one of the most iconic pieces  of Beatles (automobilia) memorabilia is wheeling into Cleveland.  The Hard Rock Cafe is promoting their new Hard Rock theme park in Myrtle Beach, SC. 

The original Beatles (Magical Mystery) tour bus will be on display all day April 10th, 2007 at the Hard Rock Cafe in Cleveland from 2:00pm until around 10:00pm.  The Magical Mystery Tour Bus will be displayed on West Huron Road (adjacent to Tower City Center) from 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM.  A free performance by southern rock band Sister Hazel at 8:00 PM.

The Magical Mystery Tour bus is making a few other stops in other cities as well.

  • April 9th at the Hard Rock Cafe in Times Square NYC.

Here’s some information about the MMT bus taken from the Hard Rock’s website.

The Magical Mystery Tour Bus is one of the most recognizable pieces of memorabilia in rock history, used by the Beatles to film the Magical Mystery Tour movie, which launched the soundtrack that topped both the British and American charts. Hard Rock Cafe acquired the Magical Mystery Bus, a 1959 Bedford Val Panorama British motor coach tour bus, in 1988. It took four months, 2,000 man-hours and a cost of $100,000 for Hard Rock to completely refurbish the bus using vintage parts to replicate the original designs and details.

If you all know of any other cities that the MMT bus will be running through, please drop us a line.  -OR- if you do happen to see the tour bus and have photos, please send them our way.  We’d love to post them for you.  If we can make it down to see the bus on the 10th here in Cleveland we’ll be sure to post some of our own.


25 Responses

  1. Roll up for the Magical Mystery Tour!

  2. I went on the Liverpool Beatles tour on two sepeate occasions and the first time was on a regular coach bus, but the second time was on the MMT bus. I have no idea if that one was the orginal or a duplicate, but I felt like such a dork getting on and off the bus and each site.

  3. It would be really cool in one way, because it is the Magical Mystery bus, but then I stop and think, hey, it’s really just a bus that has been painted. Now if the Fabs were IN the bus, that would be one thing…

  4. Please come take me away MMT bus 🙂

  5. It’s sitting right outside my window right now, which is a little odd. It’s in front of the Rock Hall, not the Hard Rock.

    It’s kind of fitting, though, since all summer long we get thousands of tour buses coing to the Rock Hall.

  6. I have a wooden replica of the Magical Mystery Tour Bus. It was a limited edition of 1000 copies. It contains a CD and pamphlet.

  7. i am attempting to discover the exact curent location of the Magical Mystery Tour bus.

    having visited HRC in orlando last week it was not there

    Can anybody accessing this respond please

    with thanks

    • Years ago I had a job delivering school busses out of Richmond Indiana. I delivered a bus to Wintergarden Fl. When I got to my delivery site the man who received the bus opened a huge garage, and to my amazement there was as he put it the Original Magical Mystery Tour bus. I was blown away as I grew up listening to the Beatles. He even let me get on board.

  8. I am making the magical mystery tour bus for a Pinewood Derby car contest at my work. Naturally I won’t be entering for speed. The theme this year is TV/Movies. I have had a heck of a time finding any stills from the movie. I have the movie on VHS so I played it and took some photos of the TV screen. Very low tech and it showed. The refurbed bus looks a little different than in the movie but I’m glad I saw it on your site. It looks easier to paint. I scanned the logo and title off the VHS package and I’m planning to print and then decoupage it on the PWD. No way I can paint the lettering.

  9. If you would like to display your Magical Mystery Tour bus in My magical Mystery tour museum contact me. bugman@t-online.de

  10. The Bus Appears to be at a stationary location at Myrtle Beach, SC at the new theme park under construction (Hard Rock). We just had our photo txjen in front of it, and I believe it will be staying here .

  11. The orignial bus is now on display at the Hard rock theme park in Myrtle beach SC

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  13. seen it, touched it, damn near nutted myself….it was one of the coolest things ever. Yeah it’s in Myrtle Beach SC at the Hard Rock park

  14. Sorry folks, but if the bus that is on display is the one in the picture, It’s a Fake!

    Look at some of the old photos of the original with the boys in and around the real bus and you can definitely spot the the obvious differences.

  15. I wondered if it wa a fake also…the ’59 Bedford Panorama Planxton Twin-Steer used in the MMT film had a different grille. Did Hard Rock on the same website give away the bus anyway? That implies they made an arrangement with the winner to display the bus. I had also thought two of them were painted and upgraded for the film. The other one if I’m not mistaken gives city tours to this day in Liverpool.

  16. I also wonder how unsafe/awkward it would be loading and unloading passengers on the left side of the street touring in this country. This particular VAL looks to be a late 60’s and not a ’59.

  17. OK, so where is the mythical bus now, since Hard Rock has fallen apart? It was kinda novel having my picture taken beside it in 2008. Has the original movie that flopped been restored?

  18. The bus picrtured above is definatly only one of the copies.The winner of the HRC comp. decided to take a money prize rather than the Bus so it stayed in HRC hands. The bus has been restored since. I was lucky enough to as a child take part in the making of MMT and got to ride on the bus during filming in West Malling UK in Sept. 1967.

  19. I came across your blog today and am looking forward to reading the archives!
    This post resonated so loudly with me I have though similar things more than once.

  20. Anybody got pictures of the MMT Bedford VAL Bus today? Would love to see her in all her glory today. M.

  21. Which Hard Rock Cafe the MMT Bus is located?

  22. I certainly hope it’s under cover somewhere; restored & healthy. Hopefully it won’t fall into someone’s arrears like the Queen Mary or the Spruce Goose

  23. I live in Liverpool, and the original MMT bus did indeed transport people around the city on the tours. The tours were so popular that a second identical bus was found and painted to match the original. I believe that the owner of the original bus wtihdrew it from the service, and the tours are still held on older vehicles. Not sure what happened to the original though, I’ll try and find out.

  24. Hi , I am at this time restoring a Bedford VAL that I now own and can tell you the bus that Hard Rock Cafe has is NOT the original .After finding out that its not it has been removed and hidden away in storage so that it cannot be checked out close.Not only are the seats not upholstered in the right cloth -the seats are completely wrong.The inside details are wrong above the seats as wll as the area around the inside clock is wrong.HRC were taken for a ride when they bought the Bus.They saw a blue and Yellow bus and fell for a story caus it looks like the one in the Beatles Film. The details give it away.

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