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Yoko gives “wish trees” to Washington.

photoYoko Ono is hitting the peace message pretty hard as of late.  It looks like she was in Washington DC to promote her message of peace earlier this week.  Many people look at these rallies/art pieces as stunts for publicity, but I disagree.  I really do think that Yoko is as passionate about her work for peace as she is about her art, maybe moreso passionte for peace.  I get the feeling that, for her, you cannot separate the two.  I like seeing and hearing stories like this.  Her art, no matter how weird it may be at times, at least makes you think about something that matters, something that we can hope to attain.  A worldy goal that is goodhearted.  It makes me smile to think that she hasn’t abandoned that hope for peace throughout the world, while many others would have.

So sorry to hit all you folks with so many Yoko stories, but that’s what’s been happening this week. 

Here’s what we’ve read.

Artist Yoko Ono hung a wish for love and peace in the world from a tree she dedicated Monday at the Hirshhorn Museum’s Sculpture Garden.

The “Wish Tree for Washington D.C.” is part of an ongoing project Ono started in the 1990s to encourage the public to get involved in art. Viewers can write their wishes on small pieces of paper and tie them onto the tree.

Ono’s wish read, “Let’s cover the planet with our love and make it a peaceful world for all of us and our offsprings.” Others’ wishes on the Hirshhorn tree were for peace in Africa, an end to gang violence and “to get a promotion this year.”

Ten wish trees are installed around the city as part of the “Street Scenes: Project for DC” art program. The trees are at the steps of the Jefferson Memorial as part of the National Cherry Blossom Festival, at the Town Hall Education, Arts & Recreation Campus in Anacostia and at the Smithsonian’s Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden on the National Mall.

The Hirshhorn’s tree, a white Japanese flowering dogwood, will remain as permanent artwork while the other trees will be planted in the Anacostia community when the installation concludes April 15.

Ono, the widow of singer John Lennon, said she has collected more than 100,000 wishes from people around the world, including those from other wish trees in Europe and Asia. The wishes will become part of her “Imagine Peace Tower,” an art installation that will open in October 2007 in Reykjavik, Iceland.

“Any wish that you make is part of the wishes of the human race,” said Ono.

Source: Seattlepi


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