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Lennon was carrying Yoko’s favorite song when he was shot.

Open Your BoxI find it a bit odd that a story like this would be coming out now.  I mean any Lennon fan worth their salt alread know what tapes John was carrying when he was gunned down. 

What is interesting about this information is that this was Yoko’s favorite track.  OK OK mid-posting it has occured to me why this news is coming out now.  It looks like Yoko’s new remix CD has a few different dance mixes of Walking on Thin Ice on it.  A news story like this makes sense then.  It’s all part of the Yoko Ono PR machine.  I know Thin Ice was the last thing that they worked on together, but not that it was her favorite of the lot.  You would think that it would be quite difficult to hear. 

Japanese musician Yoko Ono says that her late husband, former ‘Beatle’ Sir John Lennon, was carrying a demo of her song ‘Walking On Thin Ice’ in his pockets at the time when he was shot.

She says that Lennon heard the song over and over again through his last week, and that both of them were very excited about its composition. Ono also revealed that ‘Walking On Thin Ice’ was her favourite among all the songs she had written over the course of her career, as it was the last track that she and Lennon did together.

“We were totally excited by Walking On Thin Ice and John was listening to it over and over again that weekend,” Contactmusic quoted her as saying.

“John was carrying the cassette when he passed away. It was the last thing we did note-by-note together,” she said.

Lennon was assassinated by a fan, Mark David Chapman, in December 1980 in New York City.

Source: Daily India


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  1. It is interesting to find out that this was Yoko’s favorite of the songs that she’s worked on. I believe I remember hearing about it being the cassette that John was carrying when he died originally on the Lost Lennon Tapes radio show back in the early ’90’s, though, so to us diehards, as you say, it really isn’t “new” news on that end. Still, it is always interesting to hear Yoko talking about these things and her own personal thoughts and feelings about them.

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