Bespeckled McCartney in Unseen Beatle photos. I thought John was the smart one?

I have seen pictures of Paul in those black, thick framed specs before.  There are some studio sessions  pictures that I have seen floating around on the net where Paul is wearing those “Buddy Holly” looking eye glasses.  I always thought he was simply being cheeky, and attempting to look like a hip beatnik.  It seems that he really needed glasses to see. 

No, he wasn’t blind like John Lennon, whose eyewear became iconic, but Paul McCartney did need spectacles to see as well.  To many fans, this may not be news, but to some this may come as somewhat of a shocking revelation.   Fire up those pens ladies and gentleman.  The revisionist history keeps rewriting itself.  Paul, the cute one, now complete with spectalces, was really the closeted introvert.  Funny.

Here’s what we’ve read.

Beatles fans always knew John Lennon as “the one with the glasses”.

But this rare picture shows Paul McCartney wearing a pair of thick horn-rimmed specs while deep in discussion with the band about their classic album Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.

With a little help from my lens: Ringo, left, Paul, George Martin, John and George at Abbey Road Studios in 1967

The previously unpublished photograph is one of a rare set taken as The Beatles worked at Abbey Road studios in North London.

Friends of the singer say McCartney rarely wore glasses because it was part of his friend John’s image.

“He was always conscious that John was famous for his glasses,” said one friend. “He felt that it was important to maintain their image and John’s glasses were part of that.

“His eyesight is also pretty good, so he didn’t need to wear them much.”

Few other photographs of McCartney wearing glasses exist. He wore them occasionally in public during the Sixties, and on the front cover of a Beatles fan magazine in 1964 but has not been photographed wearing them since. A spokesman for McCartney last night said he did not wear contact lenses, nor wore glasses in private.

The image is one of 40 taken by celebrated photographer Frank Herrmann on March 30, 1967, and features in an exclusive spread in The Mail on Sunday’s Live magazine today.

Photographers were rarely granted access to the Fab Four in the studio and the negatives from this session were later lost.

Our pictures have been painstakingly recreated from contact sheets kept by Mr Herrmann, who said: “It was obvious they weren’t comfortable with me around. Abbey Road was considered a private sanctuary.”

Source: This is London


6 Responses

  1. I think this journalist needed to do her research. In “Many Years From Now” Paul said he never had any eye problems until his 50s and even then he had to wear them only for reading. The reason we see him with glasses is because they’re usually Johns or, I believe he said he just liked wearing glasses on occassion although he didn’t need them.

    Plus, most of the photos from Sgt. Pepper has been released so I would be shocked if any that I haven’t seen before will be released.

  2. I saw this article this morning and laughed at it. I mean really, it’s like the author wants us to go “wow” or something. C’mon.

  3. Do we really care why Paul is wearing glasses? This is simply an absolute gorgeous and rare photo! George serving tea in the foreground, George Martin sitting in the middle of the frame, the composition, the light contrast, the atmosphere, the Sgt Pepper era, etc. Love it.

  4. Ain’t it plain sunglasses?

  5. I mean just plain, without diopters?

  6. Only tinted, to protect his eyes from bright light in the studio?

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