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Beatles and itunes talk growing. Could we hear some download news tomorrow?

Steve Jobs launches the iPhoneIt looks like we have some news to report regarding talks of The Beatles finally appearing digitally.  It looks like EMI is making some kind of announcement, with Steve Jobs as a special guest, tomorrow.  I wonder what that announcement could be?  Could it finally be that the Fab Four are really, finally, available for download?  Hopefully, that is what we hear.  I like the prospect of this announcement coming from the EMI people, and not Apple Computer people.  It makes me think that we may hear something tomorrow.

Fire up those ipods ladies and gentleman, it’s going to be a wild ride after all this time.  Unless this is a huge April Fool’s Day prank, but for some reason I don’t think that the BBC would do that to us, we should be hearing some kind of announcement tomorrow.

Here’s what we’ve read.

EMI is to hold a media event on Monday with Apple boss Steve Jobs as special guest, prompting speculation that Beatles songs will finally go online.

None of the Beatles tracks are available to download on any online music service.

In an invite to media sent out on Sunday, EMI said it was announcing an “exciting new digital offering”.

There will also be a “special live performance” at the London event by an unnamed artist or band.

Earlier this year iPod-maker Apple reached agreement with Beatles’ record label Apple following a long-running legal row over the use of the two firms’ name.

Under the terms of the arrangement, Apple Inc took full control of the Apple brand and licensed certain trademarks back to the Beatles’ record company Apple Corps for continued use.

That led to mounting speculation that Beatles songs would be available on Apple’s download service iTunes. EMI has released the Beatles records since 1962 single Love Me Do.

Last week at a mobile industry conference, EMI chief executive Eric Nicoli praised Apple for the simplicity of the iPod and iTunes.

He told the industry that it should learn from Apple.

If the deal does not have anything to do with the Beatles, there is speculation that it could be tied to Apple’s new iPhone.

A spokesman for EMI would not comment on the subject of the press conference.

Source: BBC



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