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Beatle fan hits jackpot while cleaning out rubbish.

I love these kinds of stories.  It is so rare when things like this happen, but when I hear that they do it makes me smile.  Granted, I am smiling out of envy and jealousy, but it is stories like this that give me hope that one day I will be lucky enough to stumble upon something like this.

The largest collection I have ever stumbled upon was my wife’s grandmother’s.  Amidst her collection of Johnny Mathis albums were 20 Beatle and Johnny Cash gems that were mine for the taking.  I know it’s not a huge stash, but they are mine.  There was a Yesterday and Today cover hidden in there, but I couldn’t find Ringo’s black collar.  Oh well, one day that elusive Butcher cover will be mine.

What are those “stashes” that you all have stumbled upon in your Beatle collecting frenzies?  Let us know in the comments.

Here’s what we’ve read.

When 1-800-Got Junk? driver Matt Comuzie, 23, was assigned the Nassau route recently, he received an unexpected surprise while cleaning out a Levittown home.

Stacked from floor to ceiling in a room were newspapers and magazines dating from 1920 to 2007, all neatly arranged by date. The headlines ranged from John F. Kennedy’s assassination to the first man landing on the moon.

The man who had the collection passed away and his wife hired the rubbish removal company 1-800-Got Junk? She has since been moved into a nursing home. Comuzie’s job was to clean out the room and dispose of its contents.

“It was a normal basement cleanout and it was a mess, but to my surprise there was Beatle stuff everywhere,” the avid Beatles fan said. “I was in heaven. There was even an original board game called Flip your Wig, which is quite fun to play, even for it being over 30 years old.”

He went through every single Newsday paper and now owns the John Lennon’s murder and George Harrison’s death covers.

“I also found Life magazines dating back many years,” he added. “Like a crazed fan, I went through everyone of those until I found one of the Beatles and one of Paul McCartney when he left the Beatles.”

He ended up removing five truck loads of stuff.

Comuzie said he thinks it was fate that he ended up doing that job because he normally works the Suffolk route, but one of the Nassau route workers called in sick.

“I am no longer mad at him for calling in sick,” he quipped.

Comuzie lives in an apartment in Garden City that is covered wall-to-wall with Beatles stuff. He also has six Beatles tattoos, and about 20 collectible T-shirts.

“I also have not gone one day in five years without listening to at least one Beatles song,” he added. “Any worker who works on the trucks with me any day knows they have a 1800 Got Junk Beatle mania day ahead of them.”

Source: Levittown News


7 Responses

  1. I saw a copy of Y&T recently added to the “collectible” shelf at my local Half Price Books. Knowing how everyone with any experience in Beatle memorabilia will check a 60’s-era copy of this album for the tell-tale signs of it being a Butcher cover, I thought the $70 price tag was probably appropriate for the excellent condition of the sleeve.

    Of course, I couldn’t pass by without making sure, and I asked to see it – wondering if the v-shaped outline I always imagine in field of white on these covers was an hallucination. To my surprise, it was real. I thought it must be my imagination or Allen Funt was waiting in the wings to catch my reaction. After confirming the Butcher status of the cover and then looking around again for hidden cameras but seeing none, I decided to calmly make the purchase and finalize the transaction before anyone could change their mind. 20 nervous minutes later, I was in possession of an outstanding example of Beatles American record history.

    Now I just need to determine the best way to keep it clean and safe. Does anyone know the best way to preserve this cover for the future?

  2. In the 1970’s I found a Roots album in W H Smiths.
    In the 1980’s I found a Japanese Wedding Album import in Tower Records.
    I was a teenager. I only had pocket money – not enough to afford these items.
    I could only hold them…. and wish….
    Check out the current value of these items.
    I’m not a very lucky person. LOL.

  3. http://www.rarebeatles.com/20years/20yrs2.htm
    This is an interesting Google find – albeit out of date – at a quick first glance I see Roots is there….
    :’-( aaarrrggghhh! LOL

  4. Wow Steve. That’s freaking awesome. I would’ve hyperventilated. lol.

  5. Are you serious?! Levittown is only a half hour away from me!

  6. Hello everyone,

    I recently found a YESTERDAY & TODAY LP among a collection of many original 1960s LPs. I needed to know if it’s actually a SECOND STATE/STEREO BUTCHER LP. Hopefully, this thread contribution might help others as well.

    About the copy: It does have a slick on the front cover that ends about an 1/8-of-an-inch or so from the left/top/bottom edges. The cover on the extreme left/top/bottom edges between the slick and those three edges is a darker hue of a color — it’s of course not the cardboard). Of course, the slick goes all the way to the opening on the right.

    The inscription FILE UNDER: THE BEATLES is on the front cover in the top-right corner.

    The NEW IMPROVED FULL DIMENSIONAL STEREO banner runs across the top on the slick (and the ST makes up the serial numbers found on the cover, the disc’s labels, and the disc’s matrix numbers).

    However, there is no factory number on the back cover next to the RIAA logo. I’m not too worried about this because I have been able to find two other recent examples of SECOND STATE/STEREO copies that don’t have such a factory number (I think at least one of those was on eBay recently). I’m glad that I found those examples because it proves that “conventional wisdom” is amendable and worthy of updating from time to time.

    Also, there is of course no GOLD RECORD AWARD emblem on the front cover; I have one of those LPs — those GOLD LPs don’t even have slicks with the 1/8-of-an-inch room on the left/top/bottom seams!

    Finally, my big question/doubt is that I cannot see any images of the original BUTCHER cover through the front cover slick (i.e. Ringo’s v-neck, etc.). This is the only thing lacking to definitively prove that the LP in question is a SECOND STATE/STEREO BUTCHER copy (without of course peeling the front cover slick). The front cover is clean enough and not worn to obscure anything, so that’s not an issue. It seems all the info currently found on the web states that there “had to be” a factory number on the back cover — this of course isn’t true — I’m not sure if that’s a recent discovery or a small detail that was always known by the most in-the-know of collectors. Hopefully, that “paradigm shift” is enough to help prove that Ringo’s v-neck doesn’t always have to be showing for the copy to be a BUTCHER LP!

    IN SUMMARY, if anyone can post a response regarding my copy and if there have ever been any SECOND STATE covers (mono and stereo) that have been discovered where the BUTCHER cover images didn’t show through the cover.


  7. […] Beatle fan hits jackpot while cleaning out rubbish. | I read the news … […]

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