Heather Mills surprised by positive reaction + VIDEO.

I must admit that I despise the fact that Heather Mills has remained in the public eye.  That is probably why you see little news about Heather Mills here on the blog. Those reality shows make my head spin.  These people remain famous for being famous, and they happen to dance.  It makes my head hurt just a little.  That all being said, I must admit that she did show, for now at least, that she does have some dancing chops, so we do have a little something to report.

The public’s “thumbs up” in her performance is a bit of a surprise to her.  We’ll have to wait and see if she can progress in the next rounds.  Her flip-move in the first round of competition on Dancing with The Stars is impressive though.  I couldn’t do it.  Check it out.

Heather Mills does the Mambo with cool walkover flip

Here’s what we’ve read.

Heather Mills has admitted she’s surprised by the positive reaction to her participation on US TV show Dancing With The Stars.

Sir Paul McCartney’s estranged wife won a place in the second round of the contest after stunning judges and viewers with a backflip – despite having a fake leg.

Her appearance on the ABC show has seen its internet message boards flooded with both abusive and supportive messages, with battles raging between her detractors and fans.

“People have preconceived ideas of what an amputee can do,” Heather told USA Today.

“I wanted to show what I could do, to take the stigma away from the disability.

“The thing that has surprised me the most is the positive reaction. I’m touching people I didn’t expect to touch.”

The 39-year-old admitted her jaw-dropping move in Monday’s mambo was a risk.

“I’m lucky it paid off,” she said. “Your foot has to land exactly flat underneath you. If I had landed on my heel, I would have gone flying backwards. That would have been scary.”

She said it was inevitable a negative picture would be painted of her in the media after she began dating former Beatle Sir Paul.

“I could have been Mother Teresa, and they would have vilified me,” she said.

Heather revealed she had asked her dance partner Jonathan Roberts to include the “walkover flip” in their routine. 

Source: What’s onTV 


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