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Upcoming McCartney album to feature “new” and “old” material.

This is an interesting take on the album that is hotly anticiapated for several reasons.  I mean we all look forward to new Beatle material, but this one seems a little more “special” than the others. I particularly want to see what Paul follows Chaos with.  I loved Chaos and Creation, and wonder how he can keep the momentum up. 

This album poses a lot of questions about itself for its fans.

Will this one be darker than Chaos was?  Will it be as daring as Chaos was?  Will it really sound like McCartney III?  Is that what we want to hear? What kind of support will this get from the new record label?  Will there be tour support behind this one as well?  Such quetions to ponder when a Beatle has a new solo album coming out.  Feel free to discuss all this in the comments.  We’ll keep you posted as we get more bits of information. 

Here’s what we’ve read.

Insiders say that Paul McCartney’s upcoming debut for the Hear Music label will feature both new songs and outtakes from his last two albums. According the fan run website themaccareport.com, McCartney previewed the album a few weeks ago in New York City for the new label. Among the songs included in the set are songs that Nigel Godrich, McCartney’s producer for his last album, Chaos And Creation In The Backyard, rejected for the project.

The album is said to feature his touring band on about half of the songs, with other studio musicians including a string section on other tracks, and some songs that only feature McCartney. The fact that David Kahne is being listed as a producer suggests that some of the material might date back to the 2001 sessions for his Driving Rain album. There’s an unconfirmed rumor that the album might be released on June 18th to mark Macca’s 65th birthday.

Another rumor is that the set might be titled McCartney III. McCartney released two completely solo sets, with minimal help from his late wife Linda McCartney, in 1970 and 1980, respectively. Seeing as how the new set features about a dozen supplemental musicians, it seems unlikely that McCartney would break tradition for a non-solo set.

Backstage at the recent Fest For Beatles Fans in New Jersey, Ringo Starr’s longtime producer Mark Hudson said that McCartney switching labels enables him to focus on the music first: “I think that Paul McCartney is about his art. And I think that what ended up happening to all the Beatles is that they fell victim to the industry and I think that he’s probably very, very happy to be back into the art again.”

McCartney’s upcoming album marks the end of his 45 year relationship with EMI Records, which first signed the Beatles in June 1962.

Source: RockRadio


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