Paul eyeing fall tour to promote new album.

It really does look like we will have a busy year on the Beatle front.  We have the Wilbury re-issues which look more than impressive in various configurations.  There are not one, but two Rinog albums coming out on the horizon.  Yoko Ono even has a second album of remixes coming out next month. What more can a Beatle fan ask for?  Oh yeah….the remastered back catalog should be coming out sometime soon as well, even though we haven’t heard anything about it recently. 

Well now we have news that Paul’s new album is set to hit this summer, and there is a tour that is to follow in the fall.  WOW….it really is going to be a busy year for all.  I can’t wait.  2007 really is the year of the Beatle.  What else could there possibly be coming this year.  We’ll keep you posted.

Here’s what we’ve read.

Paul McCartney will hit the road sometime in the fall to promote his upcoming album, which is expected out in June. McCartney’s lead guitarist Rusty Anderson posted an update on his blog ( saying that, “On the Paul McCartney scene, last I heard the tour is postponed ’til the fall. I’m not quite sure where yet. The record that we started and got over half done with Paul at Abbey Road (Studios) a while back should be finished by now. It sounds amazing. Very dynamic and colorful.”

Rusty Anderson says that recording with McCartney at the legendary Abbey Road Studios where the Beatles recorded the majority of their work is a surreal experience: “That’s pretty trippy. It was really fun, you know, having Paul show us around and say, ‘Oh, this is the room that we recorded (the Beatles’) ‘Yer Blues’ in. We all set up in this little tiny room and crammed the drums and the amps and everybody in there, and recorded it.’ And I’m like, ‘Damn!’ (Laughs) That’s pretty amazing.'”

The still-untitled album will be McCartney’s 21st mainstream solo studio set, and his first for his new label Hear Music.

Although there are no substantial details about where and when McCartney will launch the tour, a UK ticket broker has posted on its website seven unconfirmed stadium dates in Britain and Scotland ranging from July through October.

Source: RockRadio


2 Responses

  1. Very exciting if thisis the case!

  2. Yep! I hope that he will be planning a world tour

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