McCartney signed to Starbucks label.

Well folks it is official.  Paul McCartney has left a 43 year partnership, with his Capitol deal, and has become the flagship artist for the newly formed Starbucks record label.  The rock icon has put down his English tea and turned to something a little more caffeinated it seems.  I like this move personally.  It seems that Paul will be able to forge some new territory as an artist on a fresh label.  He can break some rules, and really create his own way once again. 

It is almost as if the label move feels like a fresh turn for Paul.  It feels like a second-coming in a way.  Maybe this move will be a redefining moment for Paul.  If the Driving Rain and Chaos and Creation album are any indications of the directions that Paul is moving towards, then I am all about whatever Macca has to serve up.  Strawberry Frapaccinos Forever…

Here’s what we’ve read.

Paul McCartney was introduced Wednesday as the first artist signed to Starbucks Corp.’s new record label. The former Beatle made an appearance via a video feed from London at the company’s annual meeting.

The world’s largest specialty coffee retailer announced earlier this month that it was partnering with Concord Music Group to launch the Los Angeles-based Hear Music label.

The McCartney announcement is another big step for Seattle-based Starbucks’ attempts to spin part of its consumer appeal into the entertainment business. The coffeehouse chain already has produced and sold some albums, markets books, and helped develop a feature-length movie.

Hear Music has been used as a brand on other releases developed for sale in Starbucks stores. The coffee giant also has a branded page on Apple Inc.’s iTunes digital music store, and a handful of hybrid music-and-coffee stores that allow customers to burn tracks to CDs.

Concord, which controls several other labels, helped Starbucks sell the Grammy-winning “Genius Loves Company,” an album of Ray Charles duets.

Source: Yahoo


2 Responses

  1. The proof in how good of a move it will be to Starbucks depends first on the album sales and secondly if he has a strong album. A tepid release, so to speak, will make it become a coffee joke if it doesn’t do well, or if it is too “sweet”, and so on. The coffee analogies will run rampant!

  2. Peace people

    We love you

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