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Traveling Wilbury reissues announced.

Traveling WilburysIt looks like one of the finest, and most fun, supergroups of all-time are finally getting a deluxe repackaging.  Throughout the last year or so, there has been speculation regarding the release of The Traveling Wilbury’s back catalog.  It looks like they are officially getting the deluxe double album treatment through Rhino Records.  The gang from Rhino has long been the label to put out boxed sets and reissues that are nothing short of spectacular. 

The Wilbury’s two album deluxe set looks nothing short of impressive.  I am most excited to see the DVD, which most bootleg collectors have probably seen, released in cleaned up video and audio.  I am not sure of there will be any new video taken for the DVD, but I’m sure that the DVD will be a fun addition to the Wilbury canon.  This is long-awaited news, now made official.  I know lots of you out there have been waiting for the Wilburys to get the expanded treatment.

Here’s what we’ve read.

After being out of print for more than a decade, the two studio albums from all-star band the Traveling Wilburys will return to the marketplace in a variety of formats June 12 via Wilbury Records/Rhino, Billboard.com has learned.

“Traveling Wilburys Volume 1” and “Traveling Wilburys Volume 3” will be available together in one package with bonus tracks and a DVD of rare footage, as a deluxe linen-bound edition, a vinyl set and a digital bundle. The DVD boasts a 24-minute documentary and five music videos.

The Wilburys formed in 1988 after Bob Dylan, George Harrison, Tom Petty, Jeff Lynne and Roy Orbison assembled at a California studio to record a B-side for the Harrison single “This Is Love.”

The resulting song, “Handle With Care,” was instead released under the Wilburys name, with the artists posing as a band of brothers. It went on to reach No. 45 on the Billboard Hot 100, while the “Volume 1” album hit No. 3 on The Billboard 200. The reissued version of the album includes the previously unreleased tracks “Maxine” and “Like a Ship.”


Orbison died in late 1988 before a second album could be completed; it was eventually released as “Volume 3” in 1990. The set is expanded here with the B-side “Runaway” and “Nobody’s Child,” which was released on a benefit album for Romanian orphans.

Source: Billboard

Here’s more of an editorial from Rolling Stone regarding the Wilbury’s release.  It seems that more of the public at large will be able to get their hands on this minor gem.  The hardcore Beatle collector may lose some bragging rights as it were.

The Traveling Wilburys were one of the great rock supergroups. Initially formed by George Harrison and Jeff Lynne alongside Roy Orbison and Tom Petty, the band hooked up at Bob Dylan’s Santa Monica studio to record “Handle with Care,” a B-side to Harrison’s track “This Is Love.” They had such chemistry that all the participants decided to record an actual album. Traveling Wilburys Volume 1, which came out in 1988, was written and recorded in ten days by all five members, who posed as a band of assorted half-brothers and adopted corresponding pseudonyms (Nelson Wilbury was George Harrison, Petty was Charlie T. Jr. and Dylan was Lucky Wilbury). A varied lineup of the band then released their second album, the incongruously titled, Traveling Wilburys Volume 3, two years later.

These classic records contain audible evidence of the loose, fun times (and great music) shared by several of the coolest rockers ever. And yet, due to various rights issues, the albums have been largely out of print for years, until now. As previously reported, good old Rhino (thank you guys) has finally managed to wrangle a release date (June 12th) for reissues of these classics.

We are psyched about this, of course, but it got us thinking about the leverage we’ve enjoyed with our fellow record collecting friends thanks to the fact that we own both albums. Soon anyone will be able to buy them, and while we’re all for it (we totally are) there is this little pang of sadness we’re feeling knowing that we will no longer be able to lord our copies over our friends.

What jewel do you have in your record collection that makes you feel warm and safe at night, knowing that you are one of the chosen few who gets to hear it whenever you want?

Source: Rolling Stone


3 Responses

  1. Very exciting! Can’t wait! Rhino has become such an amazing operation. They started out as the label that picked up the stuff from other labels, and repackaged it better with a “groovy” kind of feeling about the label. They have grown into being a premeire organization that puts out lots of rarities and back packages with lots of goodies and history.

  2. I’m glad Rhino is handling the reissues. The work they do on remasters is impressive.

  3. ok very beautiful,
    hello from Giuseppe.

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