Fest for the Beatles?

Just a quick request for you all out there.  This weekend was the Fest for the Beatles in NY.  Unfortunately we were unable to attend this year’s fest, but hope to attend later in the year.

 The Fest for Beatles Fans

We’d love to hear your reports from the fest.  Please post them in the comments.  We are jealous of all of you who were able to attend.


2 Responses

  1. My buddy Mike and I made the trip to New York from Boston through the snow Friday night and it was well worth it. Here were the highlights:

    The big draw was the Smithereens on Saturday afternoon. They were rumored to play the “Meet the Smithereens” album in it’s entirety, but did not. They did however put together a great Beatle set including fine renditions of I’m a Loser and Rain. Their performance was definitley a highlight of the Fest.

    Three members of the Quarrymen were a treat as they shared their memories of John and played some skiffle.

    Norman Smith also added some fine rememberances of the Beatles and John in particular. He brought the house down when, at 84 years young, he got up on stage and belted out his #1 hit “Oh Babe, What Would You Say”.

    Former Hollies member Terry Sylvester performed some nice change of pace Hollies tunes topped by He Ain’t Heavy, He’s my Brother.

    An interesting video of a George Martin interview taped in 1969 was shown. He talked a lot about the “Let It Be” sessions and how his role had changed in the studio as the Beatles matured.

    Mark Hudson was his usuall zany self (green beard and all) and really rocked the place with his usual exuberance and antics during the evening on Saturday.

    Paul Saltzman presented his photo’s of the Beatles in India as well as some of his interactions with the boys.

    Of course, there were the usual sing along bands and exhibits that helped shape the event and turned it into a true lovefest for Beatle fans.

    One more note, Liverpool, the “house Beatle band” did a great job both as a cover band and backup to the other singers. Oh yea, include Mark Rivera in that too. Great solos on Lady Madonna and a few others. A highlight for Liverpool was their cover of You Know My Name, Look Up The Number. It had to be seen to be believed. It was great.

    All and all, another fun weekend with authors, musicians, fans and freinds.

    Chicago and Vegas promise to be great also, catch one of them if you can.

  2. The Fest was AWESOME, even mother nature couldn’t stop us! Got this sick blanket with the image from the Imagine Mosaic from central park (spot where John Lennon used to hang out) on it! If anyone else wants one i found a link to buy them online. Enjoy~ http://alliedpromo.officedepot.com/cpc/index.cfm?nav=prodlist&catID=69289&name=Accessories&xid=9791

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