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Is Heather Mills the new Yoko?

WOW.  I came across this article and the thought of the headline never crossed my mind.  Damn.  I guess it really would be like comparing Apples (no pun intended) to oranges.  The two time periods are totally different times periods.  You have a group vs. solo thing going on there as well.  You now have child in the mix with Beatrice.  WOW.  What do you guys think?  It seems to me that the only major difference is that Yoko, while shrewd, is not malicious.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments?  Is Heather Mills the new Yoko?

Here’s what we’ve read.

She heard the news today, and oh boy is Heather Mills mad. She’s embroiled in a messy divorce with Paul McCartney and calling for new laws to protect her from being villified by the public. It’s true enough, not since Yoko Ono was practically burned at the stake for her perceived role in breaking up the Fab Four has anyone been painted so black by the media and fans.

“Maybe she’s not as bad as Yoko. She didn’t break up the Beatles,” said author and celebrity media expert Michael Levine. “But she broke the heart of the most beloved Beatle and that’s almost as bad”

It appears that fans see Beatles as sort of a public trust. He added “she went out of her way to make herself unpopular with Beatle fans”
With the media, too. She has filed lawsuits against British newspapers who said she dissed Paul in divorce papers. She is now asking for new laws in Europe to see that she gets a proper apology from the media. “My next campaign is going to go to the European Parliament to create a law of not misinforming the public and the size of the lie that they say should be the size of the apology.”

“I sue them, I generally win, I get a two-line apology,” she told the press, apparently judging their sincerity by column inches.

That is only the tip of her victimization, she said “There is a huge agenda behind trying to destroy me and put me down.”

She told the BBC “There are huge powers, I don’t have that powerful system that he has. Huge powers that create these things for reasons of their own.”

The huge powers seem to be at her doorstep quite often. Police in the English town where she lives, Hove, said the force had dealt with four emergency calls from Mills in a 24-hour period, but had found no grounds for further action.

“We are duty-bound to respond, but clearly people who make lots of calls to the police run the risk of being treated as the little boy who cried wolf,” the head officer told Reuters.

McCartney, yes he is now 64, and Mills, 39, separated last May after four years of marriage and divorce proceeding started in July. Recently a $68 million settlement offer was bandied about in the press, but nothing has been confirmed. They have a three-year-old, Beatrice.

“I’m not a publicity seeker … I haven’t gone ’round promoting things to finance my own pockets.” Mills, who lost her leg below the knee in a 1993 motorcycle accident, will appear on ABC’s “Dancing With the Stars,” which returns for a fourth season Monday. She plans to donate her appearance fee on the dance competition to an animal rights charity.

“I’ll always love Paul,” she concluded on the BBC interview. And so will we, and therein lies the rub.

Source: Hollywood Today


6 Responses

  1. Yoko’s public perception has been bettered over the years with her willingness to get out material of John’s, whereas Paul hasn’t taken that path. She has always supported a lot of Beatles efforts post-assassination, and understands the world’s love of John. Heather doesn’t seem to be going down the same path.

    Those who think Yoko broke up the Beatles just don’t have the whole story. The Beatles broke up the Beatles.

  2. as terminus said…. the beatles broke up the beatles, not yoko. she isn’t this witch everyone called her. thanks to heather the name found a face. heather has no talent , unless lying is an art. good riddance to her.

  3. Paul broke up the Beatles, hence why the other three were pissed off with him at the time – Ringo quit durring the White Album, the others talked him back – George quit durring the January 69 Get Back sessions, the others durring a meeting talked him back – John talked of quitting after Abbey Road and Paul told him not to because it would ruin album sales – Then Paul announced he quit and fought over getting his solo album released a week before Let It Be. Ringo went to try to talk to him, paul told him to get off his property, Linda whined about how the others had Ringo brainwashed. If people read well documented 1970 Beatles history the facts are all there, around the Fall of 1970 the Beatles at an Apple meeting discussed how they planned in the future to tell the beatles story in their own words – Hence they began to tell a slightly mythed telling of Beatle history to the point where even in the 1990’s they admitted they told some of the stories so many times they themselves are amazed when the real facts are dug up.

  4. For those people who love to bash Yoko, you’ve just got to realize one thing: John loved her. So clearly she can’t be all that bad.

  5. I agree with Matt Klein. True Beatles fans shouldn’t merely love the music; they should love the guys that make the music. Yoko absolutely adored John, and he absolutely adored her. If you ask me, John Lennon would’ve been very difficult to impress, but Yoko did the trick. She was a catalyst among catalysts. If people blame her for breaking up the Beatles, then they have to think through that accusation. John quit the band because he wanted to do other things with his life. Yoko opened his eyes to what he wanted to do and who he wanted to be. Sure she wasn’t always perfect, but who is?
    Heather on the other hand is conniving and yes ‘malicious’ as you described her. She seems to be in it only for herself. Paul did love her, and she broke his heart. She couldn’t be further from being Yoko. The only similarity is that a lot of people hate her. Yoko was hated for all the wrong reasons, and Heather is hated for all legitimate reasons. Not that hating is an awesome thing to do, but c’mon it’s obviously happening.

  6. Yeah Yoko did not break up the beatles she probably didn’t help, but it still wasn’t her it was Paul…mainly. I love Paul but he was the one who sued all the other beatles and pretty much ended it. I’m not a big Yoko fan but the reason she got blamed for the break up is because nobody was going to blame Paul or any of the other beatles so the just put it on her. Heather has no talent is nasty and didn’t deserve paul. Heather is worse than Yoko

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