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Heather Mills says she will always love Paul.

Heather Mills is sending across some mixed messages to the media these days.  It sounds like she is still professing love for Paul, the father of her baby  But at the same time she is crying out that Paul’s huge “system” is against her.  Could it be that the world is simply seeing her for what she really is. 

I should’ve added a tag to the blog here with all of the divorce stories we have posted over the last year.   We should’ve added the “attention whore” article tag. That just seems a little mean though.  It would feed to the fire.  It would be nice if the world simply ignored her.  Then possibly she would, as the fairytales say, just disappear. 

Paul McCartney’s estranged wife Heather Mills has broken her silence about the couple’s split, saying that she still has love for the former Beatle. Mills told BBC News 24 that, “I will never get over it. I will always love Paul. He is the father of my child, but I just have to move on and deal with it and there is nothing I can do. I have never spoken badly about my husband. I never will — he is the father of my child.”

Mills went on to add that, “There are huge powers (against me). I don’t have that powerful system that he has. There are huge powers that create these things for reasons of their own…

 There is a huge agenda about trying to destroy me and put me down. I have a daughter to protect and I don’t want to speak badly about any of the parties involved.”

Macca and Mills, who separated last May, currently share custody of their three-year old daughter Beatrice.


Heather Mills has been warned by her local police department in Britain about calling 911 too often over snooping paparazzi. Reuters reported that Mills’ overuse of “999,” which is Britain’s version of 911, has become a nuisance for officers in the area.

Chief Superintendent Kevin Moore of Brighton and Hove Police in the south of England said that, “We are having to spend a disproportionate amount of time on one particular person. We are duty-bound to respond, but clearly people who make lots of calls to the police run the risk of being treated as the little boy who cried wolf.”

Moore added that, “Officers who have attended previously to find there have been no grounds might not take any claims seriously, and that’s the danger we face.”

A spokesperson for Mills countered back claiming that, “(Chief Superintendent Kevin Moore) assures us he is in no way disappointed with the level of calls from Miss Mills.” Mills has been keeping video diaries of the press harassment she feels she’s received since she and McCartney separated last year.

Heather Mills will make her debut on Dancing With The Stars on Monday, March 19th on ABC. Mills, who had part of her leg amputated after a motorcycle accident in 1993, is the show’s first handicapped participant.

Source: Rock Radio


2 Responses

  1. I think that she just wanted his money and if you would not intrested in pauls money to start with,then why are you milking him for every penny he has got.
    And i wanted to know why did you wear leather boots when you are against animal crultey, and and it was a so funny when you fell over anyway someone with a peg leg shouldn’t try to dance lol!

  2. is there anything that can be done to stop the fur trade in china an japan

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