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VIDEO: Rare Beatles’ film footage goes online.

The Beatles in New York in 1964It looks like the folks over at the Wippit download service confused some people this week. It wasn’t that they had Beatle audio available for download. No, no…it was news archive footage that is now available for download. For a modest price users can download news film footage from the archives.

This seems a little useful to me as a bootleg collector. I will have to check it out officially later this week. We’ll have to see how clean this footage is.  I can hear the wheels in a lot of bootleg collector’s heads.  Will they have to update some of the clips in their DVD collections or not?  I guess we’ll all have to check it out for ourselves.  If anyone does indeed download some clips, post your thoughts in the comments.  I’m sure there are more than a few people who would be interested in the process and the quality of the clips.

Here’s what we’ve read.

Rare news footage and interviews with The Beatles have been made available to buy from download service Wippit.

The archive includes video reports of Beatlemania sweeping the globe in 1964, Paul McCartney getting married and John Lennon and Yoko Ono’s “bed-in” in 1969.

Beatles songs are still unavailable legally online as the band and record label EMI resist the download market.

On Monday, EMI asked Wippit to remove a statement from its site that suggested it would be selling Beatles’ content.

Wippit’s video clips includes the Fab Four at award shows, on the set of their film Help! and meeting dignitaries.

The footage comes from the ITN, Pathe and Reuters archives. Video downloads are on sale from 49p each or as bundles from £4.99.

They are available in the Windows Media Video format to fans around the world, excluding North America.

Source: BBC


5 Responses

  1. Now that is real cool what doea that translate into US Dollars º¿ º

  2. 4.99 British Pounds is 9.62 US dollars

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