Sir Paul to relaunch career with new LP.

Sir Paul McCartney

This evening has been an insane one for McCartney updates around here.  First, we get word that he is leaving Capitol after four decades, and talking with Starbucks about releasing his next album, but we did not have any word about this latest bit of news.  McCartney fan’s…hold onto your hats…this is some big news.  It seems that this next LP will be the one that relaunches Paul’s career and it will be releaesd this year.  Call me silly, but wasn’t that album called Chaos and Creation in the BackyardChaos harkened back to the home-brewed wizardy of a holed up and truly-solo McCartney playing everything himself, and hitting his audience with his lovely pop/rock chops.  I hope that description holds true for this new LP.  That would be something.   

Imagine a summer with a not one, but two Paul albums to savor, a rock album and a classical work to follow, and hopefully (hopefully) a tour to follow that.  This could be a year to remember!

Here’s what we’ve read.

Sir Paul McCartney is planning to relaunch his musical career with a new album, once his bitter divorce from Heather Mills is settled.

Friends say the ex-Beatle has been writing songs since he split with his estranged wife and is desperate to be known for his music again, and not his tempestuous private life.

Sources close to Sir Paul confirmed last night he is preparing “new projects”.

Sir Paul is believed to be scheduling the new rock album for seven to eight weeks’ time.

A source close to the ex-Beatle said: “It’s almost like starting out for him again. He lost touch with his core fans when he married Heather, and wants to reconnect.”

Another McCartney aide said: “We’ve been told to stand by for an album. He has been working on it for some time and it will be the first of two projects, the second being a guitar concerto.”

A spokesman for Sir Paul said: “Sir Paul is a musician and likes writing and playing music.

“There are talks about new projects this year, but nothing has been confirmed yet.”

Meanwhile, the spokesman would not confirm whether Heather Mills would accept a scaled-down £29m cash and property settlement as claimed in a Sunday newspaper.

An end to the bitter court battle could now be in sight after reports that the warring couple had finally come close to agreement over the key issue of joint custody of their three-year-old daughter, Beatrice.

The new deal is somewhat less than the £32m settlement first offered in January.

In a separate development, it was revealed that pop star Michael Jackson was being forced to sell off part of his catalogue of Beatles songs in a bid to stave off bankruptcy.

The singer outbid Sir Paul and John Lennon’s widow, Yoko Ono, to buy the songs for £24m in 1985, which gave Jackson command over the repertoire.

The Sony entertainment company is expected to claim as much as 50% of his holdings as payback for a financial fix that the shamed star consented to last year.

Jackson’s rights to the music are co-owned with Sony, and are calculated to be worth between £250m and £400m.

The catalogue has earned Jackson hundreds of millions of pounds, but he has exhausted his earnings in an attempt to maintain his lifestyle.

His Beatles collection is at risk after an American investment group threatened to foreclose on a £140m loan they made to Jackson.

Sony helped him repay the debt in return for an option to buy half of his 50% stake in the catalogue – and they now want to enforce the option.

Source: icLiverpool


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