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Paul McCartney leaving Capitol after more than 40 years.

It looks like the Macca-Mills divorce is not the only split that will be happening for our beloved Paul.  It seems that Paul is leaving Capitol records after releasing albums for four decades on the Capitol.  This news is somewhat shocking to me.  It is interesting that now, after all this time and history that Paul would take his records and setup shop in the new Starbucks venture.  I remembered reading a while back that McCartney had inked a lifetime contract with Capitol. I guess that was erroneous. This move seems like quite the savy move though.  Capitol/EMI has been a sinking ship for a long time coming.  What is surprising, too, is the fact that he is taking his entire back catalog with him. 

It is a smart business move on his part. Join a brand new label and truly release your records on your own terms.  It seems that McCartney is now the flagship artist on a brand-spanking new label.  It wil be exciting to see what creative things the Starbucks people do, or allow with Paul.  The Starbucks experience is quite the innovative and agressive brand.  I like the thought of them approaching their music label in those terms too.  It seems that Paul will be in a great postition with the new label.  Exciting news. 

Two questions arise out of this announcement, however.  Will this move impact anything with The Beatles remasters? And, could this announcement be the impetus for a new McCartney record in the near future?  We certainly hope so.

(Thanks to Terminus J for the news tip.)

Here’s what we’ve read.

Paul McCartney is splitting with the record company he’s called home for most of the last 43 years.

Except for a brief break in the early 1980s when he skipped to Columbia Records and then back, McCartney has been with Capitol since the Beatles’ first album in 1964.

But he’s leaving, effective immediately, and taking his entire back catalog of solo albums with him. That’s everything including bestsellers like “Band on the Run,” “McCartney,” “Ram,” “Flowers in the Dirt,” “Tug of War” and his critically acclaimed most recent album, “Chaos and Creation in the Backyard,” nominated for four Grammys, including Album of the Year, in 2006.

That much is news. This much has also been reported: McCartney will be the first artist signed with Starbucks’ new record label. News of the label and McCartney’s potential involvement were first suggested in Sunday’s New York Post.

But I can tell you exclusively: It’s a done deal. It will be announced this week. McCartney will first offer just his new album to Starbucks for a fall release. The rest of the catalog he will sit on for the moment.

Capitol, I can also tell you, is not happy. They are part of the ailing EMI Records empire. EMI, like Warner Music, is suffering and could collapse at any time. This news is a terrible blow to them.

“They knew it was coming,” a source says. “They did nothing for the ‘Chaos’ album, and they were reminded that McCartney’s entire contract was ending. Look, they did nothing for the Beatles’ ‘Love’ album this winter. It just sold on its own. Everything they do is outdated.”

McCartney’s exit from Capitol is interesting in many ways. Every since the Beatles joined Capitol, all their albums and all their solo albums have come from the label.

Capitol’s association with the group since they broke up in 1970 has always been key. McCartney’s Wings albums were with the label, as was John Lennon’s “Imagine,” George Harrison’s “All Things Must Pass” and Ringo Starr’s “Ringo!” Even Sean Lennon has released a Capitol album.

But all that may change now that McCartney has flown the coop. Starbucks has proven to be a much more effective seller of CDs and DVDs than record stores, thanks to their amazing retailing and branding.

Starbucks customers have come to regard non-coffee product merchandise as hip and attractive, while record companies have been unable to reach customers at all in recent years.

Source: FOX News


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  1. emi has nothing to worry about… with the beatles remasters and digital downloads just on the horizon, their gonna make more money than they made in the past 10 years

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