Buying the Beatles: A Few Tips For the Digital World. Will we really see downloadable Beatles?

It seems that all is not that well in the Apple orchard.  This article is simply adding to the confusion and speculation regarding the news and rumors that The Beatles will indeed be released digitally online.  It seems that now there are reports that it may not be happening?  The question is how long will this hold up the process, if there is in fact a process to get them online.  I guess we’ll have to simply wait for some kind of official announcement. 

I have said before, I am a CD guy.  I will rip the new remasters to my computer, like the article says anyhow.  It would be nice, though, to see The Fabs get with the rest of the musical world though and release their catlog to the ipod generation if full.  I guess we’ll have to wait and see.  The article made me laugh, only because it’s so true.

Here’s what we’ve read.

We told you a couple months back that The Beatles and Apple Computers had put aside their problems and that an agreement allowing the Beatles catalogue onto iTunes was on the horizon. Well, things have changed in the orchard.

Word out of Apple Records, home field for the Beatles, is that no licensing deal has been reached, and that Beatles’ songs will continue to be unavailable via iTunes or any other (legal) download program.

In the event that more than a few of you might be panicking, we offer two solutions:

  1. Get in your car and drive to a place that sells CDs. If you’re too young to drive, ask your mom to drive you. She likes the Beatles, and she’ll be glad you’re listening to something other than emo. After you purchase the CD, put it in your computer and import the songs onto iTunes. Repeat this step with additional albums.
  2. You know those credit card numbers you need to purchase music on iTunes? If you enter those same numbers into any website that sell CDs, you can purchase the album. And they’ll ship it to you.

We’re intrigued by the Beatles and their no-download stance. Who are you to decide what to own off The White Album? These are masterpieces we’re talking about.

Source: Rolling Stone


5 Responses

  1. My theroy, for what it’s worth, goes something like this…

    Assuming there is a business organization behind all this that is interested in making as much money as possible, there may be an effort to minimize the payees in the expected windfall. The players that can be minimized or ommitted altogether are: Michael Jackson, Sony and last but not least, Lady Heather.

    If any of this is true, expect to see some action when the divorce is finalized.


  2. I agree once Sir Paul gets the ctalogue back from Wacko Jacko and is free of the Wicked Witch from the West things may happen. Till then I will rip my own to my Dell
    DJ and all is well. Goo Goo Ga Joob!

  3. The only thing I care about is the re-mastering of all the albums. The sound quality of the 1987 in crap when compared to the 1999 Yellow Submarine sdtk or the Love cd.

  4. I agree that remastering in the mold of the Love CD/DVD-A would be ideal, however the secrecy over these details has me concerned.

  5. sigh… my mom actually wishes i would listen to less beatles and more emo… sigh. she thinks shes 12. but shes 40. will she never understand that the beatles are GREATEST BAND EVER!!!?!?!?!?

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