Beatles download rumors quashed, more reports.


It looks like the cat may have snuck his head of the bag, and the he was quickly shoved back in by the powers that be.  It looks like the download rumors, and supposed press releases, were nothing more than rumors.  We’ll have to wait for some kind of official word for the downloads to come to fruition.  Hopefully soon we will hear something definitive regarding the digital releases.  We’ll keep you posted.

Here’s what we’ve read.

The Beatles’ record label has moved to dampen rumours that the band’s music is about to become available online.

The Fab Four are the last major act to withhold their back catalogue from stores like iTunes and Napster.

UK download site Wippit indicated it would be first to sell the songs in a headline on its press release pages.

Record company EMI said the statement was untrue and has asked for it to be removed. Representatives for Wippit were unavailable for comment.

EMI is believed to be on the verge of releasing The Beatles’ back catalogue as digital downloads.

A potential deal with iTunes became more likely last month when the band’s record label Apple Corps settled a long-running trademark dispute with technology giant Apple Inc.

After settling their differences, Apple Corps manager Neil Aspinall said the Beatles looked forward to “many years of peaceful co-operation” with the computer firm.

In January, Apple Inc boss Steve Jobs teased Beatles fans by calling up a selection from the band’s Sergeant Pepper album when he unveiled the company’s iPhone.

‘Beatles Top 10’

Wippit posted the Beatles announcement on its website last Friday. The headline reads: “The Beatles available for download on Wippit.”

But the full text of the press release, which is dated Wednesday 14 March, is unavailable.

Winning the online distribution rights to the Beatles’ music would be a major coup for the company.

HMV spokesman Gennaro Castaldo says a top 10 made up entirely of Beatles’ tracks “would be almost guaranteed” as soon as the songs go on sale.

Source: BBC



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