Lennon documentary premiere cancelled.

It seems that the promise of new Lennon footage surfacing was too good to be true.  It seems that the public may still have to wait, hopefully not too long to see some fascinating footage come bubbling up to the surface.  The premiere of the John Lennon documentary “Three Days in the Life” filmed by Yoko Ono’s husband before Lennon, Tony Cox, has been cancelled. 

We will fill you in as we get more details.  Hopefully they are able to untangle some legal snafus, and the film will be shown soon.

Check out the film’s official website.

Here’s what we’ve read.

Lennon film “3 Days in the Life” screening CANCELED!

March 6, 2007

Official statement from Berwick Academy

Through the parent of one of its alumni, Berwick Academy was offered a unique opportunity to show the documentary “3 Days in the Life,” a film based on footage shot by Yoko Ono’s first husband, Anthony Cox, over a three day period in February 1970. 


Until yesterday afternoon, Berwick Academy understood that all rights to the film were held by World Wide Video, LLC.  At 5:00 yesterday afternoon, Berwick Academy received a correspondence from Ms. Ono’s attorneys indicating that Ms. Ono retains a copyright interest in the footage and has not granted a license or permission for a public showing of the film.  Given the apparent dispute over ownership rights in the film, Berwick Academy has decided not to show the film as previously scheduled until the parties resolve the underlying ownership dispute.  Berwick Academy hopes the parties are able to resolve this matter quickly and looks forward to the opportunity to show this unique piece of music history.

Source: Berwick Academy


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