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McCartney’s lawyers maul Mills.

I think that may be one of my favorite headlines of the year.  Alliteration is used all the time, but for some reason that is really effective.  I have this vision of these stuffy British lawyers ripping her limb from limb (no pun intended).  It seems that the truth will indeed set our beloved Macca free.  He has won this battle and is well on the way to winning the divorce war.  Hopefully it is short and sweet and he can be the one dancing.


Here’s what we’ve read.

Paul McCartney has won an early victory against estranged wife Heather Mills when she shouted in rage across the courtroom after his lawyers systematically broke down her claims against him, painting her as a “fantasist”.

For the first time details of what happened inside the London courtroom last Wednesday and Thursday have been revealed, with McCartney insiders saying the former Beatle is on the brink of a sensational victory.

Mills’s stunning allegations leaked last year – that McCartney physically attacked her and made fun of her disability – were “forensically dissected” by McCartney’s lawyers.

Mills was said to be stunned by the display.

Expecting a fairly straighforward hearing, Mills sat and watched as much of her evidence was ruled inadmissible by the judge while McCartney’s lawyers painted a picture of a calculating fantasist.

In the end it got too much for the 39-year-old, who screamed in rage across the courtoom.

“The judge is a good guy. He’s on our side. We’ve won every point to date,” McCartney allegedly told insiders.

Most damaging for Mills was a “truth and lies” dossier McCartney’s team produced which trawled through her every public utterance.

“Heather thought everything would be very simple,” a legal source has revealed.

“She was gobsmacked by how Paul countered all her points.

“Paul had not only addressed the things she has put in her petition, he had also prepared a dossier which he believes proves the lies she has told over the years.

“He wants to prove beyond all reasonable doubt that she is a liar.

“The more Paul can discredit her, even over the smallest lie, the stronger his case becomes.”

Indicating how things were going inside, McCartney was seen leaving the court each day almost casually, whistling to himself and flashing his traditional two-fingered “peace” sign – which has now been interpreted as a V for Victory.

In contrast Mills left hard-faced with her head down.

“His team went through interviews she has done over the years,” the legal insider said.

“They also went through everything she has written – from books to articles to website postings – looking for the most miniscule inconsistency.

“They went into all the lurid detail about her posing for a German sex manual – after saying she was only ever a model.

“And they looked at her denials that she was ever a prostitute. It wasn’t pleasant for either of them.”

McCartney’s case was so solid Mills is convinced she has a mole inside her camp.

But so damaging were the attacks on her credibility she is said to have been urged to settle quickly before any more damage is done.

As well as deciding how to carve up McCartney’s $2 billion fortune, the hearings were also to discuss Mill’s maintenance claim to support their daughter Beatrice and her claims for security costs.

She wants 24-hour a day security bu McCartney is willing to pay for her security only when she has Beatrice.

Source: Daily Telegraph


2 Responses

  1. Go Paul , Go Paul , juicy & great news. Can’t wait to hear Paul’s new CD! Any news on Paul’s new LP release date, mostly likely not until after the divorce case is settled. LOL


  2. this is trash. why do people want to lable Heather as a fantasist, what are they afraid of? Paul and Heather marriage just fell apart. Neither Paul or Heather have point a finger at each other. Heather has said nothing and Paul has blaimed the media. Paul also has stated that his aldult kids had trouble getting over Linda death and about him even remarring and that’s the number one reason 2nd marriages fail.

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