Beatles guitar turns up at school.

All true hardcore Beatle fans have a collecting niche.  We all have something that we specialize in.  Some fans are audio bootleg specialists, others are instrument freaks, others still are autograph hounds.  Some are rare audio specialists (i.e. Swan labels).  Some collect clothing only, instruments only, original memorabilia only.  Others still are book freaks on all things Fab.  The list could go on and on. 

I personally collect what I can afford.  My Beatles collection is a mish-mash of items that I can afford, and items that have nostaligia for me.  I have a complete set of Beatles’ bobblehead dolls that was my mothers, and they are simply stunning.  They are the crown jewels in my collection along with my bootleg collection.

I would love a booming Beatle collection of memorabilia complete with a full autograph set on a butcher cover.  That would be something.  Instead I pick up pieces that my budget (and wife) will allow.  I have some dream memorabilia pieces that would include handwritten lyrics and some instruments.  It seems to me that those would items would be most central to the music-making process.  Those would be cool to own on an unlimited budget.   It looks like there may be a new McCartney bass coming up for auction.

Realistically, what does your memorabilia wish list look like?

Here’s what we’ve read.

A guitar that Paul McCartney threw into a crowd decades ago during a Beatles concert in Britain has turned up at a school in Montenegro.

McCartney had tossed the Hofner Violin bass guitar into the audience after its neck broke, said the Vesti newspaper without mentioning the year of the concert.

Milan Dobrilovic, a Montenegrin cameraman, said he had received the guitar from his cousin Dario Persi who was the fan who caught the instrument. Dobrilovic recently donated the guitar to a music school in Herceg Novi, a tiny town on the country’s Adriatic coast.

The violin-shaped Hofner guitar was made famous by McCartney, who adopted it in 1961 and still uses the same model. Guitars proven to have been owned by former Beatles members including McCartney and John Lennon have sold at auction for up to $640,000 in recent years.

Source: Daily Times


2 Responses

  1. Just curious, the article doesn’t say, is the bass guitar “still” broken and what concert it was from?

  2. All I have heard about this guitar is that it is from decades ago and was in Britain. that’s all I got…

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