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Paul McCartney divorce hearing begins.

It seems that this is the official beginning of the end of the Heather Mills marriage.  The divorce hearing for Paul McCartney began.  There is not much to report here, but hopefully the proceedings go quickly and quietly.  There are never any winners in a divorce, so hopefully it is simply behind everyone, and their lives can go somewhat back to normal.  There are happier Beatle stories to report on with the impending remaster releases.  I just hope this whole Macca divorce saga fades quietly into the woodwork.

Here’s what we’ve read.

Paul McCartney and his estranged wife, Heather Mills McCartney, appeared in London’s High Court Thursday for a preliminary hearing in their divorce case.

Mills McCartney, 38, said nothing as she arrived at the neo-gothic courthouse for the closed-door session. The former Beatle arrived at the court’s back door soon after.

McCartney whistled and snapped his fingers as he left the building after the two-hour hearing, flashing a peace sign to photographers stationed outside the court’s parking lot before being driven off in a waiting car.

Mills McCartney left the courtroom through a back door about half an hour later.

The former model, 38, and the 64-year-old musician separated last May after four years of marriage and began divorce proceedings in July. They have a 3-year-old daughter, Beatrice.

British law forbids publishing details of allegations in divorce cases. Mills McCartney began legal action against a number of media outlets after disparaging claims about her husband, alleged to have been contained in divorce court papers drawn up on her behalf, were reported in the press.

Source: International Herald Tribune


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  1. Wow i love ur site it’s complete, good looking and everything well classified keep doing the job

  2. BTW I’ve added to my RSS

  3. Thank you very much for the kind words. Keep commenting, and let us know what you think too.

  4. glad you got more mentions in JPGR! I send anyone who asks about news your way!

  5. I wish to submit a comment in hopes that Paul will read it. This, I am sure, may sound bizaare, but shortly after Linda died I felt her presence. It was as if she “dropped in on me”. I have been a bit psychic all of my life and paranormal events are not unknown to me. However, I was quite surprised to feel Linda’s energy around me because I had never felt particularly “drawn” to her nor could I even say that I felt that I liked her. I knew very little about her. She was simply “Linda McCartney….Paul’s wife”. So I was not expecting to feel the energy of her presence shortly after she died. What I remember most about her “visit” is that she seemed attracted to the energy of the relationship I was in at the time. My impression was that she felt it to be similar to the energy she had experienced during her life with Paul, and she was giving it her blessing. She smiled and though she said nothing, radiated an energy towards me that was “love affirming”. When I heard that Paul had promised her before she died that he would never re-marry, I understood how very strong and committed such a love can be. It was Paul’s last vow to her. It is a vow that he broke. If anything is to blame for the ultimate failure of Paul’s marriage to Heather, I believe it is this broken vow. I think Paul already knows this.

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