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Two hour Lennon movie to premiere with rare footage.

There has been long time news of this film in the works.  Bootleg collecting Lennon fans have been chomping at the bit to see some of this long rumored work.  Pieces of this film have slipped out, and were even purchased by a group of Beatle fans years ago to be released.  It seems that the film is now seeing the light of day, albeit in an edited form. 

I find this film iteresting to Lennon/Ono fans because it was shot by Yoko’s ex-husband.  For a time after this film was shot John and Yoko nearly searched the planet playing a real-life version of “Where in the World is Tony and Kyoko?” in an attempt to get Yoko’s daughter, Kyoko, back to them.  It just seems a little odd to me that they would allow him to film them, and then not shortly thereafter he disappears with their daughter.  Strange days indeed. 

Hopefully this film makes it to a DVD release in some kind of extended format.  The footage in this film is one of a kind and would be a true treat to see.  It was previously reported that this film was to be released back in 2005, and complete a college tour, much in the way that this one is being released.

Here’s what we’ve read.

A new two-hour movie edited from footage shot by John Lennon and his widow Yoko Ono’s first husband Tony Cox in 1970 is to premiere in Maine next month (Mar07)

3 Days In The Life was filmed at various locations including the late Beatle’s country estate in England and at rehearsals.

(More in-depth information about the film is below the cut.)

Cut down from 10 hours of original footage, 3 Days In The Life will be screened at the Patricia Baldwin Whipple Arts Center at the Berwick Academy in South Berwick on 6 March (07).

Source: Post Chronicle

Here’s a description of the some of the footage used in the film, and how it was obtained.

It is revealed that more than nine hours of private black & white footage of John and Yoko, circa February 1970, has been uncovered in the States. The amazing videotape, shot by Yoko’s ex-husband. Tony Cox, has been sold to a consortium of Beatles fans in America who are planning to issue the footage as a documentary later this year. Cox talks about the tapes: “Several scenes focus on Lennon and Ono’s visit to the Black House, a centre run by Michael X, a Trinidadian counterpart of Malcolm X, who was later executed for murder. The couple (John and Yoko) shoot a promotional film for the Black House and then smoke hashish with Michael X.” Other scenes in the footage describe Yoko as being stoned, and John snapping at her, “As usual, she doesn’t know what we’re talking about.” In an intimate scene, John is seen perched on the edge of the bed, humming and strumming, trying to pick out a tune that would eventually be the song ‘Mind Games’ while Yoko is seen tucked up in bed, apparently asleep. In another, they are talking about Yoko’s new hairstyle. “It took years off her,” John remarks. “She was an old hag before I met her.” Other scenes include John discussing whether he should pay for a new lake at his Ascot estate or consider “conning Apple again!” Then, during a tour of London’s sights, John gives vulgar names to landmarks such as Nelson’s Column and refers to piles of rubbish in the streets as “Prince Philip’s mess”.

Ray Thomas, a member of the consortium who is believed to have paid $1million (£625,000) for the tapes, remarks: “I have asked Yoko to be executive producer for the planned documentary, but I have had no response. Many of the scenes show her to be a very intelligent, articulate woman … These films capture John’s creative genius in his most intimate surroundings, the couple’s behaviour together, interaction with their two children, strong opinions about drugs, politics, communism, music and plans for manipulating critics, reviewers and the general press.”
But before any of this footage can be made public, Yoko must sign a release form.

Source: You Are the Plasic Ono Band

You can read additional information about the film and its premiere at: Foster’s Online

It looks like the premiere for the film is free to the public.  If anyone goes, please send us a report.


4 Responses

  1. Lennon film “3 Days in the Life” screening CANCELED!
    March 6, 2007
    Official statement from Berwick Academy

    Through the parent of one of its alumni, Berwick Academy was offered a unique opportunity to show the documentary “3 Days in the Life,” a film based on footage shot by Yoko Ono’s first husband, Anthony Cox, over a three day period in February 1970. Until yesterday afternoon, Berwick Academy understood that all rights to the film were held by World Wide Video, LLC. At 5:00 yesterday afternoon, Berwick Academy received a correspondence from Ms. Ono’s attorneys indicating that Ms. Ono retains a copyright interest in the footage and has not granted a license or permission for a public showing of the film. Given the apparent dispute over ownership rights in the film, Berwick Academy has decided not to show the film as previously scheduled until the parties resolve the underlying ownership dispute. Berwick Academy hopes the parties are able to resolve this matter quickly and looks forward to the opportunity to show this unique piece of music history.

  2. Yoko Ono Is a Cunt! Can’t Understand Normal Thinking.

    She’s constantly trying to alter history. I still don’t know what the hell he saw in her anyway……….

  3. Thanks to all you Lennon fans out there, that believe this film will be released.
    When World Wide Video show it’s proof of ownership and eveidence that she is in receipt of stolen property as well as her attorney’s forged the copyrights from us, they ALL will have hell to pay!!

    As we more forward to the U S Attorneys office for Federal Prosicution!!!!

  4. yoko ono is a sick little p.o.s.

    distorted /mentally f’d up

    just the sight of her has always disgusted me

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