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Historic Beatle photos trashed.

Please Please Me coverHere’s some sad news that hate to be the first to break to all of you… 

It looks like someone has made a huge, HUGE, boo-boo.  It seems that some early Beatles photos have ended up mistakenly in the garbage.  It seems sad that something as historically important as these photos would end up in the garbage.  You would think that EMI/Apple wouldn’t be so careless with such important documents.  I know it wasn’t completely their fault, but these things do happen.  Hopefully they have archived copies or at least digital archive-quality copies. 

As I was reading this article the thing that kept popping out in my mind was about the remastered albums, and how this could cause a delay in their release and the quality of the photos used.  Historically speaking all of this is sad news indeed.  Also, if all of this did occur so long ago (2001), why are we just hearing about it now?  Just curious.

Here’s what we’ve read.

Classic original photographs of The Beatles were lost forever after they were accidentally chucked in the trash. The iconic 1963 pictures — used on the cover of the Fab Four’s first official album Please Please Me — were stored in two boxes at an EMI base.

But although they were marked Not Rubbish — Do Not Remove, a cleaner allegedly admitted binning them.

Now EMI and Apple Corps bosses are suing the cleaner’s firm for £700,000, claiming they were negligent, failed to follow instructions, failed to take reasonable care and failed to properly train or supervise their employee.

The photos — showing John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr leaning over a staircase at EMI’s office in Manchester Square, London — were also used on the covers of The Beatles EP and the 1973 compilation Red Album.

They were among more than 450 transparencies and negatives kept at EMI’s Brook Green base in West London.

The seven Beatles snaps were taken by respected late photographer Angus McBean.

But the January 2001 gaffe saw them tossed in a waste compactor and CRUSHED. EMI and Apple Corps, owned and controlled by McCartney, Starr and the estates of Lennon and Harrison, issued a writ against cleaning firm Crystal Services on Thursday.

It says: “The Beatles transparencies were the only original material from the photography from this session and were historically important and valuable.” Crystal allegedly fired the female cleaner.

Apple Corps was founded in 1968 by The Beatles after they were advised to invest their capital in a business or lose out to the tax man.

Source: The Sun


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