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Heather may be dancing.

I missed the boat on tagging the articles that I post.  I do not have an “ironic” tag, a “divorce” tag, or a “media whore” tag.  I should reorganize my entire blog to accomodate articles dealing with Heather alone.  Actually, no I am only kidding. We have tried not to hit you too hard with tabloid-ish reports, but this one was too much.  It seems that Ms. Mills simply won’t go away, and will get beaten in reality TV by Joey Fatone.  It just seems sad.  She went from possibly hosting her own talkshow, to third-rate reality television. 

Here’s what we’ve read.

Heather Mills McCartney, who’s best known these days for the vicious divorce battle she’s waging with estranged hubby Paul McCartney, might soon get to apply her competitive juices in a more positive framework — as a star in next season’s “Dancing With the Stars” reality TV show.

Several reports on Thursday said Mills McCartney has signed on for the show and will donate her earnings from the show to the animal welfare charity Vegetarians International Voice for Animals.

McCartney had the lower half of her left leg amputated 13 years ago after she was hit by a police motorcycle in England. She wears a prosthetic and has since maintained a well-documented active lifestyle. Her passions include skiing and, according to reports, dancing as well.

Neither Mills McCartney nor ABC, which broadcasts the show, would comment on the reports. The cast for next season’s “Dancing” will be announced Wednesday. Others rumored to be joining the show include “Achy Breaky Heart” singer and mullet connoisseur Billy Ray Cyrus, onetime boy-bander Joey Fatone, former “Wonder Years” star Danica McKellar, former “Beverly Hills 90210” star Ian Ziering, and boxer/actress Laila Ali, daughter of Muhammad Ali.

Source: ContraCosta Times


6 Responses

  1. Dancing With The Stars?

    Surely it would be the Hop, what with her only having one leg!

  2. We didn’t want to be the ones to say it…LOL

  3. Steve: I’ve been thinking about myseld for a couple of days and I didn’t want to be the one who says it, too.

  4. why you speak in plural matt?
    that’s another question that i have since i read this

  5. I read that Heathers “people” said that Heather’s not going to be on there and she was never even thinking about being on there.

  6. I meant the proverbial “we”…

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