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VIDEO: Lennon’s last photo in-depth…


Earlier in the week we posted a small news item about Paul Goresh taking what is argued as the last photo of our beloved John Lennon.  If you haven’t checked it out, do so.  The photo has been enhanced, but it is possible that this was John’s final photo.  Interesting and sad all at the same time.

A long while ago, we had viewed a documentary about Paul Goresh and his experiences with John Lennon.  It seems that Paul had become somewhat of a regular at the Dakota building.  We have him to thank for several of the Dakota-era photos of John and Yoko.  It seems that someone has posted this gem of a documentary online. Be warned, some of the renactments are cheesy, but it is yet another interesting aside to John Lennon’s public life.   The piece has a very “Inside Edition” feel to it too. 

John Lennon’s Last Photo (Part I)

Part II is under the cut.

John Lennon’s Last Photo (Part II)


7 Responses

  1. Paul, watching this jus brings a tear to my eye. It seems like yesterday, watching this video. For one short moment in time, you were able to befriend such a brilliant man, and with a flash, it was gone. I’m glad you have beautiful memories…the memories that took John away, are surreal. But for some reason, that I believe we will never know on this earth, you were able to touch (in a matter of speaking) the life of an incredible man. I believe we are all destined for something in this life, and you were destined to be there for the end…Why, we’ll never know in this life. Your life could have taken a different turn, and he could have dissed you, but he didn’t. You were meant to help John I believe, complete his Karma, by just being you. Thank you for sharing this. Barb

  2. What a pathetic, obese, gay, lonely, loser nut! John must have really felt pity for Paul Goresh to throw him even the tiniest crumb of attention. “I wanted John for myself”? WTF???

  3. Just a short response to Cynthia’s post. I know Paul Goresh. He is one of the nicest, most sincere people anyone would have the pleasure to meet. I’m sure there’s not a day that goes by that Paul doesn’t struggle with his place in John Lennon history.
    An aside: I have some wonderful friends who are gay; Paul is not gay, although I don’t see what that should matter to Cynthia.

    • I cannot even image that Paul Goresh enjoys a single day without thinking about that day, and feeling sad. I did not know Joh, never met him, never saw him in concert, but have always wanted to go back in time, be at the dakota that day, and put a stop to this horrible murder. Paul was there, talked to Chapman, and has to live with that memory. For that, I do not envy him. How horrible for him

  4. stupid cynthia fuck you,this is part of history .

  5. Mark David Chapman didn’t murder John Lennon. Mark Chapman was the patsy. I have a feeling that Yoko, and Paul are complicit, as is evidenced by their ‘silence’ in working to find the real killers.

  6. sod off “Gabe Rivera”
    talk stupid shit somewhere else

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