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Last Lennon photo?

It seems that an unseen photo of John Lennon has surfaced as of late.  Our friends over at the Beatles Photo Blog have uncovered what is reportedly the last known photo of John Lennon taken on that fateful day in December 1980.

We don’t want to spoil the surprise.  You can view the photo here.

Here’s what we’ve read.
(Here’s the description of the photo.)

This photo has only recently surfaced, the story go’s that Paul Goresh the fan who took the last photo’s of John as he was leaving the Dakota on Decemeber 8th had one photo that didnt come out, i think the flash may have failed, but recently with the advent of Photoshop programs someone had a play around with the photo and was able to bring out John’s image, being a bit of an expert (he say’s humbley) on John in 1980 i’m almost 100% certain that this photo actually is from the late afternoon of December the 8th.

Source: Beatles Photo Blog


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