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Take a trip with the National Trust?

The exterior of Mendips, John Lennon's childhood homeIt seems that the UK’s National Trust is offering tours of the Beatles’ childhood haunts.  These magical mystery trips ( I had to do it. So sorry for the bad pun.) offer a rare glimpse into the homes where our beloved lads grew up. 

The sign for Forthlin Road, AllertonThese tours offer the rare chance to go inside the homes of two young Beatles- Lennon’s house at Mendips & Paul’s home at Forthlin Road.  I myself haven’t made the trip across the pond, but I would stop here and see where it all began.

It looks like you have to book reservations ahead of time online with the National Trust.  You can get booking information through their website.

Here’s what we’ve read.

The National Trust looks after two suburban houses in Merseyside, 20 Forthlin Road and Mendips. These unassuming houses are the childhood homes of two Beatles, Sir Paul McCartney and John Lennon.

John Lennon's bedroom at Mendips, where he composed several early Beatles songs

John Lennon lived at Mendips with his Aunt Mimi and Uncle George. This is where his passion for music began and where some of his early songs were written.

Sir Paul McCartney's bedroom at 20 Forthlin Road

The McCartney family home, this is where the Beatles met, rehearsed and wrote many of their earliest songs. Displays include early Beatles memorabilia.

Source: National Trust


2 Responses

  1. Hey don’t worry about the Magical Mystery Tour jest. I went to Liverpool and went on the MMT tour around all places Beatle and you were actually taken around on a replica MMT bus.

    Unfortunately the National Trust wouldn’t allow us to go into 20 Forthlin Road at the time as they were apparently doing it up (so we had to stand outside) and 251 Menlove Ave was then privately owned.

    I must get back up there now though!

  2. How come both John and Pauls bedrooms have got double beds ? It looks very authentic but I’m sure Mimi would have let John bring anyone back to share the extra space.

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