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Ono flattered by new versions of her songs + AUDIO interview.

I have to admit I have come late to the party.  I have not been a Yoko Ono fan for a really long time.  For years I really did try.  But I don’t think I was ready.  Up until recently, I simply wrote off her music.  It seems that Yoko was just a little too ahead of her time.  It seems that the general public is finally recognizing her musical art in mainstream ways for the first time.  No, we’re not just name dropping with all of those guest artists, but Yoko is finaly settling into her roles as hipster’s senior stateswoman.  It seems that the world is ready for the Yoko onslaught.  Maybe we’ll see her back catalog get remastered yet again as well.  I’d love to hear some of those Yoko outtakes.  If you haven’t had the chance to listen to her back catalog, check it out.  It ranges from brilliant to simply awful.  Start with the Ono Box for the best overview which contains the bulk of her albums together. 

Don’t forget that Yoko is making an appearance in NYC on Saturday where she is signing her new disc Yes I’m a Witch.  We personally won’t be there, but we will be able to give you a report.  We have someone representing the blog who will be in attendance.

By the way her new album is truly brilliant, and we can’t wait for the remix album in April.  Maybe we’ll get some new tracks on that one too.

It looks like the folks over at Salon.com have posted an audio interview with Mrs. Lennon as well. You can read the article and listen to the interview there. (You may have to log-in, but it’s free to register.)

Here’s what we’ve read. 

After years of being lambasted, New York-based artist Yoko Ono is happy to have other artists fiddle with her music. 

The controversial widow of the Beatles John Lennon has just released a new album, wryly titled “Yes, I’m a Witch,” on which younger acts such as the Flaming Lips, Peaches, Cat Power, the Polyphonic Spree and others created different musical backings to her vocals. Some of the results, Ono says, moved her to tears. 

“I was just emotionally overwhelmed by each one of them,” she says. “Like most artists, part of you doesn’t want people to just meddle around with your songs, but I just felt so thankful that they even listened to my songs to be able to pick one that they liked and wanted to record.” 

Ono has no favorite among the 17 tracks, but she was particularly surprised by Flaming Lips’ choice and treatment of the obscure “Cambridge 1969.” 

A club remix album of Ono songs is due out in April, and she’s also working on some original material. 

Source: Washington Times


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