What Beatles would you download?

I think this is one of my favorite newspaper stories on The Fab Four all year.  This small article really hit it out of the park for me.  It really drilled the fact that the Beatles are going to saturate our world again.  I mean the world at large.   Believe it or not there are some members of the general public who aren’t exposed to The Beatles each and every day.  They don’t own each variation of each Beatles album in stereo and mono nad keep them in a sealed vault under the stairs where the temperature must remain to keep their collection safe.

The people in this article are the ones being referred to that simply like the  group, not hardcore fanatics, but the people who sing along, and enjoy.  That’s my belated New Year’s resolution, instead of scrutinisizing , I’m going to enjoy them a little bit more.  Listen to The Beatles as if I was twelve again, and just enjoy them. 

What Beatles would you download first?

As far as the first things I would download, that’s a tough one.  I think my top-ten downloads  would look something like this:

1. A Day in The Life 2. Strawberry Fields 3. Hey Jude 4. Something 5. Let it Be 6. Help! 7. Blackbird 8. I am the Walrus 9. Get Back 10. Norweigan Wood

What would your first ten downloads look like?

Here’s what we’ve read.

All of this talk of détente between Apple (the computer company) and the Beatles (with their Apple Corps) is assumed to be paving the way for the Fab Four’s songs, finally, to appear on Apple’s online iTunes store.

This will be a big deal because I guess there actually are some young’uns who don’t own everything the Beatles recorded and aren’t inclined to buy CDs.

Also, the 10.8 million copies sold of the hits collection “Beatles 1” since its 2000 release (according to Nielsen SoundScan) shows that there’s always a healthy market for even the most popular Beatles tunes.

So, two questions:

If the Beatles catalog were available online…

  • Which song would you download first?

  • Which song do you think would be the most popular download?

Source: Chicago Tribune


12 Responses

  1. Which song would you download first? I tend not to download just songs, but if I had to: Happiness is a Warm Gun

    Which song do you think would be the most popular download? Hey Jude

  2. First song I’d download: Here Comes the Sun

    Most popular download: Hey Jude

  3. Bootlegs

  4. Why would anyone who already has the CDs download anything? You can just rip them to the iPod. (If they are remastered I would still rather buy the remastered CD than download.)

  5. If they are remastered….I would rather have the actual cds. If they are not remasters…got ’em all on cd already.

  6. Let’s see, I have 5 vinyl copies of Sgt Pepper (1 mono, 1 original stereo, 2 remixed in 1975 stereo and 1 MFSL), 8-track, cassette, CD and a booltleg of the German master. Do I really need to download “remastered” Pepper from i-tunes? (ohmygod this sounds like an addiction!). And after listening to Love in 5.1, I am awaiting another “must have” version.
    When will it end?

  7. You can already put your entire CD collection onto your iPod. This story over digital downloads is becoming ridiculous! Let’s also hope that the Beatles catalogue is never remastered! That would be a travesty. The 1987 CDs sound just like the original albums and blow the socks off of the newer releases such as 1, LET IT BE …NAKED, YELLOW SUBMARINE SONGTRACKS and the horribly sounding CAPITOL BOX SETS. When we all bought the Beatles CDs back in 1987 we were told that this was the state of the art in sound quality and would last a lifetime. Well, they made a product so good that it never wears out. My Beatles’ CD collection sounds as good today as the first time I played it. This idea of downloads and re-remastered CDs is just another ploy to get everyone to re-buy music they already own for no good reason. Plus it’s bad for the environment. The world doesn’t NEED to keep buying the same stuff over and over again.

  8. The media has blown this story way out of proportion. “The Beatles Available on iTunes…Finally!” read the headlines. Are these reporters crazy? You can rip any Beatle Cd to your iPod already. Why is the media so excited? You mean to tell me they have no idea how to use their computers? They are all salivating over the possibility of being able to download “Hey Jude” in inferior mp3 sound quality as if having it on your iPod right now isn’t possible. Come on! Who doesn’t already own “Hey Jude” on CD or at the very least know a friend who owns it? Borrow the disc from a friend or the library, if you’re too cheap to buy it, and rip it to your computer right now! This has got to be the single most overblown story about music in the 21st century.

  9. The exciting things about all of this too, that the articles aren’t mentioning is the fact that these download tracks will (probably) be remastered. That is the most exciting part for me. I will buy the remasters on CD, but a lot of people that will buy these remasters, not most hardcore Beatle fans/collectors, but casual fans, and younger kids will donwload the new remasters using itunes.

    Yes you can rip the CD’s but, for those people who don’t want to buy the CD’s and only get those songs that they like, they can now download them. Digital 45’s, as I like to call them. Not everyone wants every Beatle album. They want the songs that they like. You know those greatest hits packages. Not everyone is a hard core fanatic. But, there are tons and tons of Beatle fans who are now just getting ipods, that may want to buy their favorite tracks onto their ipods. That is what makes it so exciting.

    New remasters served up digitally takes care of two different groups of people. The Beatlemaniacs (us), get the remastered albums, and the possibility of some rarities released as digitally exclusive singles. All of the other casual Beatle fans, and younger music fans not exposed to The Beatles get to hear these wonderful songs in a brand spanking new mix, and they are able to get them where the majority of them go to get music – the internet. The rest can go and buy the albums.

    It is a win-win situation. Hardcore fans get what they want, and The Beatles get exposed to an entire new group of fans.

  10. I’m a hardcore Beatles fan and I don’t want remasters at all. Modern remastering sounds horrible. It’s harsh, tinny and too loud. I prefer the 1987 YELLOW SUBMARINE CD over the 1999 YELLOW SUBMARINE SONGTRACK. The ’87 CD has a much warmer sound that is closer to the original vinyl. But, hey, if digital downloads are the only way to get young people excited about the Beatles then that IS a good thing!

  11. I can’t wait to download my all time 15 favorite Beatles’ songs! I can’t figure out how to put a CD in the CD tray of my computer. I’m just not tech savvy. I’m glad that iTunes will be charging me for music I already own.

    1) Revolution 9
    2) What’s The New Mary Jane
    3) Wild Honey Pie
    4) You Know My Name (Look Up The Number)
    6) Christmastime Is Here Again
    7) If You’ve Got Troubles
    6) You’ll Be Mine
    7) The Sheik Of Araby
    8) Do You Want To Know A Secret
    9) Mr. Moonlight
    10) Octopus’s Garden
    11) Free As A Bird
    12) Real Love
    13) Cayenne
    14) You’ll Be Mine
    15) In Spite Of All The Danger

  12. I would like to download any of the Beatles recordings where Pete Best played drums. Those are their best songs. They were available in the ’60s on an album called “BEST OF THE BEATLES.” The record label was Savage Records. Great stuff!

    1) I’m Gonna Knock On Your Door 2) Castin’ My Spell 3) Love Of The Loved 4) Pete’s Theme
    5) Last Night 6) Shimmy Like My Sister Kate 7) I’ll Try Anyway 8) Why Did You Leave Me Baby
    9) I Wanna Be There 10) I’ll Have Everything Too

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