Peter Blake denied use of Pepper cover.

I never realized what truly tight control Apple held over all things Fab.  It seems that they will not even let the revered artist Peter Blake use one of his own iconic images in an exhibition.  To me, this seems rather silly.  He created this cultural icon, let him enjoy some of the lasting fruits of his labor.  It’s not as if he, of all people, is going to tarnish The Beatles’ image.  Didn’t he help create a large part of that image.

 Happier times for Peter Blake, with Paul McCartney

Oh, I’m sorry what I meant to say was….Apple does not want anyone else to share any profits associated with The Beatles.  Let him share some of the spoils, at least for creating this lovely piece of pop culture history.  I mean shouldn’t he be lauded as the most famous album cover designer in the history of rock’n roll?  He should be allowed to use it.  I

t’s a shame really.  Apple dropped the ball.  Let him license these prints and then roll them over into Official Beatles merch to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Pepper.  Sheesh….that would make some sense wouldn’t it?

It looks like Blake may be singing….”you never give me your money…” instead.  Sad really.  Let him use the images for Pete’s sake, no pun intended really.

Here’s what we’ve read.

The designer of The Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band album has slammed record company Apple for denying him copyright of the infamous image.

Sir Peter Blake was paid $390 for his iconic 1967 cover creation, which features life-size cut outs of the band among an array of celebrities, but is barred from using the image on a new artistic project.

He says, “I’m doing a limited edition set of prints of the album covers I’ve done but Apple won’t let me do Sgt. Pepper.

“They probably think ‘Stop moaning’ – but somebody along the line should have thought I deserved a share, like a bonus, or even acknowledgement that I was hard done by.

“I don’t blame the Beatles. I wouldn’t expect them to suddenly give me a thing but EMI (who distributed Apple) should have.”

Source: Starpulse


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