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Paul McCartney the obscure ogre tyrant?

You know….we find items like this lingering in the ether of the internet, and my brain hurts just a little bit.  It seems that someone has decided to compile a laundry list of tyrranical items regarding our beloved Paul.  I’m not quite sure why this is here, but it makes for mildly entertaining reading. We know he is not a saint, but this seems a little much.

I can picture him reading this with a little smirk on his face.  I guess he knows he can get away with it I suppose.  I mean wasn’t John the loud-mouthed subversive Beatle afterall?  Interesting stuff.

Here’s what we’ve read.

There are simply no words to describe one of the biggest obscure tyrants of our days.

Tyrant bad musician Paul McCartney was thrown out of a street in New York that he had illegally closed to give a “concert” and he even had to dismantle the scaffoldings he had built for those purposes. He was also thrown out of a hotel in Portugal where he wanted people staying at the same floor as his to be changed to another floor and even demanded silk sheets of a special rare brand and Champagne of another special rare brand.

The Council demolished a mansion he had illegally built without the permission of the afore mentioned Council. His children have to stand in line before him, as if he was a General and them some kind of soldiers, as can be seen on the video of Linda’s death. Apple Computers sued him for 5.700.000 Euros because of illegally using the Apple logo. His second wife Heather Mills says she has enough of him and his abusive ego trip and started the divorce procedures, attempting to get 300.000.000 Euros in the divorce. Heather Mills herself admitted that Paul McCartney did beat her up on several occasions. There are no words to describe this ghostly looking flat face senile ogre tyrant named Paul McCartney whom destroyed the Beatles in his RACIST and CHAUVINIST hatred towards Yoko Ono, wanted to destroy John Lennon due to the fact that Lennon was the director and founder of the Beatles, whose name he created, and destroyed Linda (as he himself admitted) to the point of taking her to cancer due to the feminine hormones she took because of the complex this OGRE had built in her.
Last year this abusive non-musician was even taken to Court by a composer for stealing one of his songs.

It is incredible that such ogre full of hatred and egoism as this untalented bad musician did now release a remix of the Beatles music titling it “Love” (he also keeps speaking about whales as a deceptive strategy to hide such an obscure soul full of darkness). He is so heartless that having more than 1500 million Euros in his accounts, without taking into consideration the properties he has, he only wanted to give poor Heather Mills the amount of 10 million Euros on the divorce and not only this because he fought in Court so as to give his own daughter the misery of 20 million Euros!!!
This heartless monster even had the keys of his house at Cavendish Rd. St. John’s Wood, changed not to allow Heather and his daughter into the house in the middle of a freezing winter. He even called the bank so that wife and daughter could not draw a penny from the account.
Vile Paul McCartney even resorted to have Heather intimidated though a journalist of the Sunday Times who talked to her saying that there were two people from Liverpool with criminal records going to kill her and that she had to take precautions. McCartney did this so that Heather wouldn’t reveal the abnormal practices of his and that he forced Heather to use on him. McCartney did publicly say that one of the conditions of the divorce should have been the absolute silence regarding their private lives. This is what he feared would have come to light.

Due to the fact that he doesn’t have the slightest knowledge of music, non-musician Paul McCartney also uses real musicians to compose and write scores for him because he can neither read nor write music, as he did with American musician Carl Davis, literally buying Carl’s composed scores and using them for the “Liverpool Oratorio”, making them his property. He also buys composed scores off Michael Earle of Leeds and Andrew McAllister of London, pretending they are his own scores afterwards. He used to make the life of his former wife Linda a misery just because she was a school trained pianist and could read and write music, whereas he could not.
One of the reasons why Paul McCartney hated Yoko Ono was because Yoko had a soprano voice that really did cast a shadow on his non-singer voice (he and George Harrison made sure that Yoko did not show her brilliant voice nowhere along the line, severely negotiating this with John Lennon. She could only give a glimpse of her voice on the Rolling Stones’ Rock and Roll Circus film).

Many years back, Paul McCartney told George Harrison at the Apple offices that the newer generations coming after theirs are a bundle of idiots and useless people, but that in any way they would have also been slaves of the Beatles. McCartney is one of the biggest racist people ever. His deep racism shows in the hatred he had towards Japanese Yoko Ono, such big hatred that even caused the destruction of the Beatles.

RESUMING: Paul McCartney wanted to destroy John Lennon, hated Yoko Ono, destroyed the Beatles, said George Harrison is a nothing, never called Ringo to play with him again, destroyed Linda, destroyed Heather, left his own daughter on the road in freezing winter, said all next generations are a bundle of idiots and useless people, wanted all human beings to leave the floor where he was at the hotel in Portugal…Paul McCartney DISLIKES AND HATES EVERYBODY. He only likes HIMSELF. He is a gigantic MISANTHROPIST, even though he puts on all kind of masks when in front of the Media.

As said before, there are simply no words to describe one of the biggest obscure tyrants of our days, as well as one of the most untalented non-musicians ever, whose lot was making elementary bass lines on naïve songs and by ear, not having the slightest knowledge of music at all.

Such a mean old man, such a dirty old man…

And nobody needs you and nobody feeds you
when you are 64…
in the end the love you take
is equal to the love you make…

…boy, you gonna carry that weight, carry that weight a long time…
…eight days a week…
…the continuing story of Bungalow Bill…
…’cause life’s the Taxman, yeah, life’s the Taxman…


Source: Melbourne Indymedia


67 Responses

  1. Wow, this was so horribly over the top and stupid and misinformed that I was angered then I couldn’t stop laughing.

  2. i couldn’t keep reading…. :S

  3. That was pointless…give me a break.

  4. Sounds like Heather Mills wrote it.

  5. Ya gotta love the part about Yoko’s voice.

    • This is so fake! If anyone believes this article they certainly don’t know a thing or two about Paul McCartney let alone The Beatles. Sounds to me like that author who wrote this is a bit jealous and so he/she made up all these lies to get attention. So pointless, immature and stupid.

      • lol you idiot, you don’t even understand the irony of this letter. Maybe you should go back to school.

  6. Well that was badly reaseared. I love the part about Apple Compluters suing him and the part about never playing with Ringo again. People are crazy.

  7. I don’t believe a lot of this. Stories are made up about people everyday.

  8. Was this supposed to be for real? I almost fell off my chair from laughing. So, what’s Yoko been doing with her voice since 1970 when the Beatles broke up? I guess that’s a fake Ringo Starr that plays drums on Paul’s album of a few years ago (Flaming Pie)?

  9. Hmmm, it seems to be the author who is coming across as a ‘hateful ogre’. LOL!

  10. Some of the contents of this article may be true, but who really cares? Paul McCartney is no saint, so it makes me laugh when people think he is. That aside, I believe Heather Mills wrote this article or had someone else write it. Paul McCartney and Heather Mills should get back together … they are two of a kind and deserve each other. They are both money hungry, attention-seeking, arrogant snobs. I feel sorry for their kid. MACCA & MUCCA has a nice ring to it. LMOA!!!!!

  11. I like what you had to say there, Mick. I believe the dirty old man part. I have heard Paul McCartney is addicted to online porno, is into S&M, and turned on my very young girls; 14 to 21 years old to be specific. Heather Mills was too young for the sixty five year old prune face pervert. Heather Mills is an angel compared to the type of women (or should I say girls) that Paul McCartney likes. The man has always given me the creeps. I do not like the look of him – – there is something very seedy and sleazy about him. He may be worth millions of pounds, but that does not make him a respectable and classy man; in his case, the exact opposite. If John Lennon were alive today he would definately be asking Paul McCartney: HOW DO YOU SLEEP.

  12. interesting story here about paul mccartney and it does not surprise me. i think the man is a goof. i read he bought some tapes that linda mccartney made and in the tapes linda mccartney says she wanted to leave paul mccartney. that is too bad because maybe those tapes would of helped heather mills prove that paul mccartney is a horrible man. good luck heahter mills and be glad you are rid of the old fart.

  13. I keyed in a search to find out about Paul McCartney’s new cd and came across this site. Whoever wrote that story about Paul McCartney being a tyrant obviously dislikes the man to the max. I just read a story in The Sunday Mirror (UK) and apparently Paul McCartney is trying to work things out with Heather Mills and their divorce has been put on hold. The word is that they might get back together. That story is worse than the story about Paul McCartney being a tyrant. My God, Paul McCartney, please do not get back with Heather Mills. Heather Mills has accused Paul McCartney of some terrible things, plus her past is horrific. If there is any truth the them getting back together, maybe his older children will knock some sense into him and tell him not to consider it. I think Paul McCartney should get the divorce out of the way as soon as possible and tell his lawyers to work out a deal pronto. Pay her off and get rid of Heather Mills for once and all. Heather Mills is not the woman for Paul McCartney. Paul McCartney needs to find a lady like his late wife, Lynda (God bless her soul) Paul always looked very happy when he was with Lynda. I never seen a picture of him smiling when he was with Heather Mills. Heather Mills wanted too much of the limelight. She stuck me as a show off and clever con artist. Paul McCartney should stay single and enjoy his remaining years with his close friends and family. Anyway, enough of my two cents worth.

    Rebecca K.
    London, England

  14. the comments left on this page are quite diverse. pauls first wife was a mutt and his second wife heather mills only has one leg. what else is a sixty five year old man to do to get his rocks off but look at online porno and fanaticize that a hot young woman would want to have sex with him. hot young women only have sex with wrinkly old men in the real world and the cyber world if you pay them for it. i feel sorry for the old bugger. i heard heather mills did some porno stuff when she had both legs. it is too bad that paul mccartney did not know her then. if she still had both legs and was still doing porno maybe they would not be getting a divorce. it would save paul mccartney alot of money because the divorce is going to cost him a arm and a leg. chuckle chuckle.
    i think online porno is better than a wife with one leg. yuck.

  15. thanx for telling me about this page jeff. there are many men like paul maccartney and they are called narcissists. they are charming and know how to play people to benefit themselves. narcissists are extremely manipulative and sly and enjoy abusing their mates both physically and emotionally, but when a narcissist abuses alcohol and drugs too escalate their behavior one thousand times. paul maccartney is a prime example of a worse case scenario narcissist. men such as paul maccartney are beyond physiological help because people with narcissistic personality disorder can not be helped. i read a story a few months back about how paul maccartney told a homeless man to piss off when he asked him for change. many people witnessed it and were disgusted. i guess this saying is true, you know god does not care about money because look who he gives it to. paul maccartney does not feel guilt or remorse for any of the wicked things he does. paul maccartney is a self centered scumbag. it makes me giggle when people call him a legend because paul maccartney is nothing but a legend in his own mind.

    kelly, london england

  16. Paul McCartney barely qualified to carry John Lennon’s roach clip while both were in Beatles. Sir Paul’s true colors have reverberated loudly and horribly since Mark David Chapman killed John Lennon. “Band on the Run” could have been written by a third grader, and McCartney’s duets with alleged pedophile Michael Jackson — and the ensuing public pissing match over Wacko Jacko’s savvy purchase of the Beatles’ catalogue — cemented McCartney’s legacy of poor taste and idiocy. And wasn’t it great when Sir Paul, sharing the stage with Madonna at the close of the 1999 MTV Music Awards, thought Lauryn Hill was a man, referring to the artist of the year as “some guy named Lawrence Hill?” Nice one, idiot. Worst of all, who can forget the post-9/11 ode to freedom named, with typical genius, “Freedom”? Marrying a young, one-legged, ex-hooker and star fucker a year after burying your hero-philanthropist wife was a good one too, mate. Go fuck yourself, McCartney. You deserve worse than that, but such dread is unattainable on this earth. We can only hope Satan delivers the goods to Sir Paul in Hell, where knighthoods carry no currency. The criteria for what makes a rocker “hated” is more or less spot on: have talent, use it well for a substantial period of time, then intentionally squander it for commercial riches, fame or forced mass appeal.

    • chris rock hostedmthe mtv awards on that particular night the lawrence hill comment was made.apparently chris was on a roll making tasteless jokes about all the white attendees at the show for example:metalica’s lars ulrich “here’s a white guy who still writes white peoples music”, david bowie,”here’s a white man who happens to be married to a black woman”the backstreet boys and britany speers-something to the effect of “they try to sing like they black”,but nothing but compliments to the black acts. then just before paul mccartney went on to present lauryn hill chris suggested he say the guy named lawrence hill would be funny and paul being much older and somewhat out of touch with this younger r&b,hip hop loving audience believed chris,basicaly chris set him up-threw him to the lions.watch the tape and see for yourself,black acts in the audience were shouting and booing paul,one guy did’nt even know who paul was and kept saying ,”that man there,what he say to lauren ain’t right,he be disrespectin her”,maddona looked speechless and paul looked shocked.chris looked on with a smirk on his face,paul fell for it.i felt bad for him.it seems like alot of these posts are from people who believe the crap they hear ,porno,egomaniac,yoko soprano.i think they are mostly from a younger generationthat has no idea what an incredable ,dynamic,creative,revolutionary thing the 60’s and the beatles were.like noting before or ever will….save your critiqe for the 80’s onward because it’s practically all crap pete ,it realy is…………

      • Obviously this reply was written by either a wigger or a jigger, I am not sure which?
        Paul McCartney is probably the best musician living today. I mean who was it that wrote and recorded the MOST COVERED SONG IN THE KNOWN UNIVERSE….? I’ll give you a hint: He won’t let niggers shine his shoes? Because niggers smell, seriously. There were a bunch if them in the high school I attended, after gym class they exuded a smell, and I am NOT making this up, like the monkey cages at the zoo. I mean look at the natural resource wealth of Africa and what have they done? They dwell in their own feces and beg for welfare. They are unanimously voted the laziest, most convicted, animalistic, and don’t forget ignorant (originally spelled nignorant, look it up!) animals on this earth. Scientists have proven empirically that Africans are on the most un-evolved branch of the human species, basically animal-humans. I wouldn’t mind them if they stayed in Africa instead of spreading their cancerous selves elsewhere.
        Thank GOD for the sickle cell, and other black males! ( the number one killer of black males)

    • Wow! So much venom. You must be Yoko…or one of her many paid flunkies.

      • The comment by JustMyOpinion was directed towards Pete (aka Yoko or one of her flunky minions)

  17. McCartney marriage tapes exclusive: ‘Linda wanted to leave Macca’
    October 2006
    Source: various

    Linda and Paul McCartney

    World exclusive: A close friend of Linda McCartney, who has recordings of her innermost thoughts, has given a remarkable insight into her supposed idyllic marriage.

    He reveals Sir Paul McCartney’s first wife Linda was so unhappy during their marriage that she talked about leaving him, The Mail on Sunday reveals today.

    The sensational claim is made by Peter Cox, the man in possession of the ‘Linda Tapes’ – the recorded confessions she made about her life and relationship with Sir Paul.

    In an exclusive interview, Mr Cox, her close friend and confidant, claimed: “There were many moments when Linda would feel deeply unhappy and depressed about her marriage.

    “Every marriage has its ups and downs, of course. In her many low moments, the idea of leaving him did cross her mind, but she immediately rejected it. Her family was the most important thing in her life and there was no way she’d give them up. At the low points, she did feel trapped.”

    He added: “When I started to learn all this, I was a bit dazed because I thought this was Britain’s happiest marriage.”

    Mr Cox, a successful literary agent who worked with Linda on a vegetarian cookery book, gives a rare insight into the McCartneys’ world and paints a portrait of a couple whose harmonious public facade often belied secret turmoil.

    Although he found Paul charming and charismatic, Mr Cox claimed the star had ‘a darker side and could be very controlling. Linda often had to dance attendance upon him. He bossed her around’.

    Mr Cox recalled: “Occasionally I’d find Linda in tears, obviously distressed. And there were about five or six occasions when I would get the train down to work with her only to be met by a driver who’d been sent to say that she couldn’t see me. That was when I got really worried.”

    Mr Cox has given an undertaking to Sir Paul’s lawyers that he will not divulge the contents of the 19 tapes. Even so, there has been speculation that they may yet play a part in the former Beatle’s increasingly rancorous divorce from second wife Heather Mills.

    It is understood that a judge could demand they be played in court. Ms Mills alleges that Sir Paul was violent towards her during their four-year marriage.

    Last night Mr Cox, 51, told how he grew close to Linda, who died in 1998. Between 1987 and 1989, he was a frequent visitor to the McCartneys’ estate in Peasmarsh, East Sussex, often spending two days a week at their home researching the vegetarian cookery book Linda McCartney’s Home Cooking.

    “People may find this surprising,” he said, ‘but Paul used to complain that their life at Peasmarsh was isolated, out of the way. He felt they were out of the swing of things and he wanted very much to be in town, going to parties and restaurants.

    “Linda didn’t want that. She just wanted to lead a happy, normal life surrounded by her family and the things she loved. This was one of the causes of tension between them.”

    Mr Cox was introduced to the McCartneys in early 1987 by Chrissie Hynde, the former lead singer of The Pretenders and a close friend of Linda.

    At the time Mr Cox, a former chief executive of the Vegetarian Society and advertising agency boss, was riding high on the success of his best-selling book You Don’t Need Meat.

    “Chrissie took me to Peasmarsh to meet them both,” he said. “They rode up on horses to meet us and Paul said, “You’re Peter Cox – I want to get your autograph.”

    “It was a bizarre thing to say but, as a young author, I was chuffed. Paul and I then went for a walk around the garden. It was all very strange. He said to me, ‘If I gave you a million pounds, would you eat a hamburger?’

    “I said, ‘No,’ and he accused me of lying. What does this say about him – that he thinks everyone has a price? There was always this question mark with Paul, as if he was constantly thinking, ‘What do you want from me? I am Paul McCartney and you want something from me and I’m going to find out what it is’.

    “That attitude was always there and I found it most depressing.

    “Also on that walk, he kept talking about John Lennon in the present tense. It was John says this and John thinks that. Very weird. And he spoke about that reference to The Beatles being more famous than Jesus. He said, ‘Do you realise how much power we could have had if we’d gone to the dark side?’ “I didn’t know quite what to say.

    Mr Cox admitted: “I didn’t warm to Paul. There was an awful coldness about him. His eyes were deader than any I had ever seen. But Linda and I hit if off that day. She had this aloof image but I found her the opposite – warm and caring.”

    Linda, who cherished her privacy, was initially cautious about collaborating on a recipe book, perhaps fearing it would expose her to too much public scrutiny.

    But it also offered her the opportunity to do something for herself, to have her own project. For despite relishing her role as wife and mother, Mr Cox said he detected that she was possibly a little frustrated.

    According to Mr Cox, Paul and those around him viewed the book ‘patronisingly’ as a nice diversion for Linda, a hobby that would not amount to much.

    “In the end she said she would do it for the animals,” said Mr Cox. “With Linda, vegetarianism was all about animals, not a health thing. In fact, she ate quite unhealthily – too much dairy produce, as I often told her.

    “She said she wanted the book to offer vegetarian food for truck drivers. She said Paul liked traditional dishes and that is what they had at home – bangers and mash, that sort of thing.

    “It was difficult to work out Linda’s recipes because she was such an instinctive cook, throwing stuff in with no regard to weights and measures. It meant that everything took a lot of time.”

    It was not the only thing that hampered progress. Linda’s relationship with Paul had a serious impact on their efforts.

    “Linda would try to arrange it so we would work on the book when Paul wasn’t there,’ said Mr Cox. “If he was, he would always dominate things so much that we couldn’t get anything done.

    “The work was mainly done at the kitchen table. If Paul was there, he would be the alpha male. He had an opinion about everything. When he was in the room, there was only one thing that counted – Paul’s agenda, what he wanted to talk about. So work was suspended until Mr McCartney left the building.

    “Linda had to be attentive when Paul was there. I remember we had one of our mobile meetings about the book – in the car as we were driving to see Paul – when a call came in on the car phone. He wanted to see only her and I was dumped unceremoniously near the M25. She was very embarrassed and apologetic. But that was just Paul.”

    Normally, Mr Cox would travel by train to Rye, three miles from Peasmarsh, where he would be picked up in a Land Rover by one of the McCartneys’ staff. On other occasions, he would get a taxi from the station. And sometimes he would be picked up at his London home by limousine.

    He said: “Linda had a cleaner, a Cockney, who lived in Stratford, East London. The limo would pick me up first and then pick her up and we would head for Sussex.

    Mr Cox also recalls Linda’s varying moods. “Some days she would be terrific, and other days she would be depressed about things and wouldn’t want to do anything,” he said. “To get her to focus I would remind her that it was for the animals.

    “I also had a secret weapon, though I’m not particularly proud of this. Linda had spoken to me about Jane Asher, Paul’s former fiancee, and while it wasn’t in a jealous way, she was quite negative about her.

    “So I got her book, Jane Asher’s Party Cakes, and always carried it with me when I went to Peasmarsh. If she was a bit down, I’d slam it on the kitchen table and it acted as a spur, like a red rag to a bull. In fact, Linda would say, ‘Right, let’s get going’.”

    There were times, however, when no amount of jokey cajoling would deliver Linda from her profound gloom, and Mr Cox learned to recognise the signs.

    “Often she would be outside the house to greet me because she could hear the car coming down the drive,” he said. “I could tell within seconds if she was upset. Sometimes, she would put a brave face on but other times she was in tears. On those occasions I could only offer her a sympathetic shoulder and listen to her.”

    Often, as Linda poured out her woes, they would sit in the kitchen with its panoramic view of the McCartneys’ gently sloping acres and Linda’s beloved Appaloosa horses. If the weather was fine, they would sit or walk outside.

    Mr Cox added: “We were very close. We always had lots of hugs but it was a platonic relationship. I was happily married. I don’t know if Paul was jealous but I was conscious that he might have been. There were no hugs when he was around.”

    Privy to many intimacies in the marriage that even some of the McCartneys’ most trusted advisers were unaware of, Mr Cox said he came to the conclusion that Paul kept his wife on a ‘tight leash – like a caged animal’.

    “It struck me that she didn’t have ready access to money,” he said. “For instance, I would often lend her a fiver or a tenner for groceries.

    “On her birthday, Paul gave her a Cartier watch. It was a huge deal for her. Oddly, she kept telling me how valuable it was, how it had cost £20,000. But you have to ask how she knew how much it cost. It is obviously that Paul kept reminding her.

    “Paul was also determined, wisely, to make their children aware of certain realities and limited their allowances.”

    Another persistent source of tension in the marriage, according to Mr Cox, was touring. “There was always a great kerfuffle about going on tour. Paul would want Linda there when really she didn’t want to go. Then he said grudgingly that she didn’t have to go if she didn’t want to. In the end she went, of course. But it was always a great drama.”

    For all his wealth and celebrity, Mr Cox asserts that Paul was ‘frustrated’. Even Linda, he says, referred to him as ‘such a frustrated man’, though enigmatically she didn’t say why.

    “I suggested to Linda that he should go into politics,” said Mr Cox, “but she said he would do that only if he could be Prime Minister.”

    Despite reservations about the cook book’s prospects of success – one publisher turned it away, saying it didn’t stand a chance without meat recipes as well – it proved to be a best-seller when it came out in autumn 1989.

    Mr Cox recalled: “Suddenly Paul’s company MPL seized upon this money-making venture that had been our little project that no one gave a toss about. Paul asked me to be the managing director of a food company he was starting, what would eventually become Linda McCartney’s range of foods.”

    I went to meet with Paul about the book and “I said, ‘I have been waiting for hours Paul,’ and he replied that he was Paul McCartney and not to forget it.

    “I said, ‘I know you are, Paul. There’s only ever one Paul McCartney, isn’t there?’

    “He seemed surprised that I had stood up to him and gave me a cocky smile. The next day he rang to apologise, which was rare, apparently.”

    A few weeks later, Mr Cox told Paul that he no longer wanted to work with him, saying that he wanted to stick to publishing.

    “He was OK about it – he wasn’t going to beg,” said Mr Cox. “I knew I was giving up a lot of money but I’d had enough of his world.”

    After that the ‘shutters came down’ and Mr Cox’s relationship with Linda began to fade, though they kept in touch intermittently by phone. He was devastated to learn that Linda had cancer and upset, too, when he wasn’t invited to her funeral.

    “Whatever the strange dynamic of their relationship, Linda was the only one Paul could open up to,” said Mr Cox. “She was like a mother to him. Linda often mentioned that Paul had very few friends because he didn’t trust people.

    Subsequent to this story, Paul McCartney bought the ‘Linda Tapes’ from Mr Cox. Paul McCartney paid Mr Cox two hundred and fifty thousand pounds for all 19 tapes. It is believed Paul McCartney may have paid Mr Cox up to one million pounds.

  18. Paul McCartney is an A-typical control freak. This comes as no surprise to me. I believe the abuse occurrences are true and accurate.

    Abusers do not show their true colors until they have the trust of their victim. Thanks to Heather Mills, we now all know that “Sir” Paul abused Linda too. Heather was strong and wise enough to leave Paul, whereas, Linda wasn’t. Linda wanted to keep her family unit together no matter what the cost to her well-being. I am quite sure the “Linda tapes” that Paul purchased would open up a brand new can of worms if the contents were divulged. Unfortunately, that will not be the case because Paul either destroyed or placed those tapes in his large vault of skeletons.

    I grew up in England in my youth. At 17 I saw the Beatles perform at the BBC theatre in Manchester before they were popular. Funny, out of all the Beatles, he is the one I always disliked because of his arrogance. Always felt there was something dark about him. I hung around the same crowd that the Beatles did and heard many disturbing stories about Paul. My gut feeling about Paul was right. I only met one of the Beatles and that was George Harrison. He was a very gentle and pleasant man with warm eyes and a beautiful smile.

    I was married to a man like Paul McCartney for ten years. He was a prince who turned into a demon. A fairytale turned to my worst nightmare.
    Of course no one would believe this of “Sir” Paul McCartney. He is an “idol” in the eyes of many. Who would then think he is a tyrant and wife abuser?

    When a man feels powerful in everyway, he will find himself a victim/s to destroy because it makes him feel more powerful. Paul McCartney is the poster child for “Narrisicists”. And my ex-husband, like “Sir” Paul, was also addicted to pornography and was a heavy drinker and cannabis smoker.

    Paul McCartney is an old man now and he is losing his looks, and his billions of pounds can’t buy his looks or youth back. This is what Paul McCartney fears most. Paul McCartney will be lucky to make it to the age of seventy. All of those years of heavy drinking and cannabis smoking are finally catching up with him.

    Paul McCartney should have some class in the way he conducts himself. Goes to show you that no title or money will give you class or make you a gentleman. Paul McCartney is a ruthless scab, who drowns his sorrows in wine and drugs and gets his cowardly kicks on abusing his wife/s and power.

    You can’t take the trash from the trailer and put it into the mansion and expect it not to smell.

    • Paul McCartney.. 71 years old and still on tour.. knocking ’em dead with a three hour live show. He’s one of the best that’s ever been and that brings out a lot of jealous folks who like to rain down the lies.. but McCartney is still going 6 years after you wrote this crap. Hmmm.. maybe that cannabis herb has life extending properties. think I’ll go smoke some now and listen to some Beatles and Wings songs off of iTunes. Nite Nite, Tea Lady 1948.. hope those jealous pugs you used to hang with glow GREEN at night as their continued jealousy of all Paul McCartney, that wonderful man, burns like Rome’s eternal flame.

  19. Paul McCartney scored 9 out of 9 on this test.

    Diagnostic criteria for Narcissistic Personality Disorder

    A pervasive pattern of grandiosity (in fantasy or behavior), need for admiration, and lack of empathy, beginning by early adulthood and present in a variety of contexts, as indicated by five (or more) of the following:

    (1) has a grandiose sense of self-importance (e.g., exaggerates achievements and talents, expects to be recognized as superior without commensurate achievements)

    (2) is preoccupied with fantasies of unlimited success, power, brilliance, beauty, or ideal love

    (3) believes that he or she is “special” and unique and can only be understood by, or should associate with, other special or high-status people (or institutions)

    (4) requires excessive admiration

    (5) has a sense of entitlement, i.e., unreasonable expectations of especially favorable treatment or automatic compliance with his or her expectations

    (6) is interpersonally exploitative, i.e., takes advantage of others to achieve his or her own ends

    (7) lacks empathy: is unwilling to recognize or identify with the feelings and needs of others

    (8) is often envious of others or believes that others are envious of him or her

    (9) shows arrogant, haughty behaviors or attitudes

    — Tom A.
    Los Angeles, CA

  20. People aren’t who they seem to be. I wish someone had the bloody balls and would call Paul McCartney out on his past… I hate the image shit, so many lies….Paul McCartney puts on a mask when in the public eye. Paul is an overgrown bully with a mean streak. Paul McCartney didn’t have Heather Mills sign a pre-nup because a) he felt he was in complete control. I am sure it never occurred to him any woman wouldn’t be thrilled to have him. b) He can afford a divorce without a pre-nup. I am sure he had life insurance and tons of it on Linda–maybe Linda is will be paying for this divorce. People who write love songs don’t always mean them, you know. I can’t believe how easily people are brainwashed into believing Paul McCartney is a “Nice Guy”. Most people are manipulated by the McCartney decades of good PR image messages. Don’t believe just because Paul can sing a melody or say “just the right thing” when the cameras are on that he’s not a bloody buffoon…look a little deeper people!!! Here we have a man that has been use to having his own way for over forty years. Paul never heard the word “NO” until he met Heather!! Paul McCartney is a pot smoking tight arse with an ego the size of a mountain. Why people think he is a god is beyond me.

    Heather Mills will have the last laugh when this is finally over!!


  21. Yes indeed, Sir Paul’s has a “Code of Secrecy” in place because of certain past and recent personal issues. But Sir Paul surely must know that secrets can only be kept secret for a limited amount of time. The truth will prevail and he should realize that. Codes are broken every day.

    Reap what you sow, Sir Paul. Even the “apostle Paul” reaped what he sowed. He was a Pharisee and he thought he was doing God a favor by hunting down Christians, mistreating them, and even approving of killing them–just because they were Christians. And, later, when Paul became a Christian himself, he was hunted down, mistreated, and eventually killed–just because he was a Christian. Indeed, we do reap what we sow. Sometimes we see the immediate results of our actions, and other times, we may not see the results of what we sow–our actions–for a long time. But don’t ever be fooled into thinking that your actions don’t have consequences. Don’t think you can get away with wrongful deeds even if you don’t seem to get caught. Remember: God cannot be mocked! He sees it all.


  22. ==Help Me If You Can I’m Feeling Down==

    July 2005

    Sir Paul McCartney confessed he “talks” to his guitar when he’s feeling
    down. The Beatles legend admits he uses songwriting as a form of therapy.
    He revealed: “There’s this sort of therapy aspect in songwriting sometimes
    and that’s one of the reasons I love it. “If I’m feeling really low, I’ll take my guitar into the darkest corner I can find in the house, sit with it, and talk to the guitar, explain it all to the guitar. And it works. You come out of there and it’s magical.”

    I wonder if Sir Paul visits online chat rooms to meet people and talk? It is
    better than talking to your guitar. Seeking inspiration from a wooden object
    is so sad. But I think he meant to say he talked to Heather’s leg.
    ==While my guitar gently weeps, talks and walks==

    Paul McCartney Seeks Therapy Over Divorce
    December 2006

    Paul McCartney admits he’s seen a psychiatrist over the breakup of his
    marriage. McCartney tells Radio Times magazine he turned to music for comfort in his
    divorce from Heather Mills McCartney. He says he can be in an argument or feeling down, and he can work his way through his emotions through music.
    However, he says sometimes he needed the help of a professional. He says
    it’s not a bad idea to have someone to talk to.

    Sir Paul should register a Friendster, My space or Face book page. There are
    millions of people on those cyber socializing sites and I am sure some of
    them would be more than willing to chat it up with Sir Paul and help him sort
    through his issues and it is free. Just think of the money he would save. We all know Sir Paul likes his money.

    =Here are three user id’s Sir Paul can use…pornopauly65, gimmelithium, bulldog=

    Hey Bulldog

    Standing in the rain,
    Doing it again
    Some think that happinness is measured out in years
    You don’t know what it’s like to listen to your fears

    No one understands,
    Jack knife
    In your sweaty hands,
    Some think that happiness is measured out in miles
    What makes you think you’re something special when you smile

    ==You can talk to me, if you’re lonely you can talk to me==


    =Long live the Rolling Stones!!!=

  23. This bloody explains why Sir Paul hooked up with Heather Mills. You did get the best as far as prostitutes go, Sir Paul!!! All you were to Heather Mills was a seven year “John”. I wonder if Sir Paul left the money on the night stand or in her fake leg?
    Sir Paul is constantly drunk and stoned because dealing with the reality that he is a bloody heartless prick must be quite difficult to handle sober.

    ==Please allow me to introduce myself==

    Family charges abuse and cruelty
    January 11, 2007


    Paul McCartney abused his elderly father and his stepsister says he made sexual advances toward her — those are the claims of two of the former Beatle’s family members, who claimed he is an egotistical tyrant who brutally mistreated those around him.

    The ENQUIRER has exclusively obtained never-before-heard audio tapes recorded by Paul’s stepmother Angie and stepsister Ruth, in which they bitterly portray Paul as an arrogant jerk who uses his his fame and fortune as a weapon against his family.

    At one point, when Ruth hit hard financial times, Paul refused to help her and suggested she go to work as a prostitute, she says.

    The shocking tapes could give Paul’s estranged wife Heather Mills a potent new weapon in their brutal divorce war.

    Angie’s and Ruth’s allegations are contained in more than eight hours of interviews recorded in 1994 with Beatles biographer Geoffrey Giuliano.

    Giuliano, of Lockport, N.Y., has written 28 books about The Beatles. He intended to use the tapes as the basis for a book titled “I’ll Follow the Sun: Our Life With Beatle Paul by His Stepmother and Sister Angela & Ruth McCartney,” but it was never published.

    Until the McCartney-Mills divorce became front-page news, Giuliano had kept the material locked away. But now he feels it’s time to reveal what Paul’s family said about the legendary musician.

    Giuliano says Heather’s claims of abuse by McCartney are very similar to allegations made by Ruth and Angie.”For decades there has been a code of silence about Paul. Now Heather has blown the lid on it,” Guiliano told The ENQUIRER.

    “There is clearly more than the kernel of truth in what Heather has said — I’d say more like the whole cob.”

    Angie married Paul’s father Jim in 1964 when Ruth — Angie’s daughter from a prior marriage — was just four years old.

    Paul stayed for extended periods with the trio in a five-bedroom house that he had bought for Jim.

    “It seemed like a kind thing to do, but Paul ruled the house like a tyrant when he was there and would remind Angie and his father they should be grateful for his generosity,” revealed Giuliano.

    On the tapes, Angie said that when Paul was upset, he would shriek: “Don’t forget I put every crumb of food in your mouth!”

    “I never forgot that,” said Angie.

    Angie also told Giuliano that Jim had bitter arguments with Paul for smoking marijuana in the house.

    “Jim knew that he smoked pot and didn’t like it,” said Angie.

    “My dad would say to Paul, ‘Don’t be doing that here,'” recalled Ruth. “And then it would break down into the ‘Whose house is this?’ argument.

    “This is my bloody house — I’ll do what I want,” Paul allegedly told them.

    Giuliano told The ENQUIRER: “Jim was very ill in his later years with arthritis, and the way Paul is said to have treated him can only be defined as ‘elder abuse.'”

    “It was after Paul and Linda got married when Jim’s arthritis was really getting severe,” said Angie, referring to Paul’s marriage to Linda Eastman in 1969. “He needed warmth all the time and we had a fire going on in the living room.

    “It was a winter evening and Paul came into the room, opened the French windows, pulled the curtains wide and a gale blew in.”

    Angie asked Paul to close the doors, but he refused.

    “There’s nothing wrong with him!” Paul allegedly screamed. “You’re making him into a cripple! Get up, you can walk! It’s all in your mind. There’s nothing wrong with you!”

    “Poor old Jim had little tears plopping down his face,” said Angie.

    Ruth also recalled a disturbing event in which she claims Paul made a sexual advance at her when she was just a child and he was in his 20s.

    “By the time I was 11 or 12 I was pretty well-endowed — I was a 34C,” said Ruth. She told Giuliano about a confrontation that took place when she was about 13, in which she bumped into Paul in the hallway of the house after emerging from the bathtub wearing a towel wrapped around her. “And Paul said, ‘My, my, my … Look at you, you’re getting to be a big girl. You’re growing up, aren’t you?'” Angie recalled. “He sort of patted me on the rump. Linda heard him, and there was World War III.”

    Giuliano told The ENQUIRER that Ruth hadn’t spoken to her step-brother since 1980, four years after Jim died, when Paul learned a business she and her mother were running was failing.

    “Angie had contacted Paul to let him know they would need to sell some memorabilia because they had to raise money,” Giuliano said.

    Ruth claimed on the tapes that Paul told his stepmother to “scrub floors and bottle fruit” if she needed the cash – and then told his then-20-year-old stepsister to put some make-up on and go “do what you women are made for.””I just had enough,” said Ruth. “He was virtually telling me to go and be a hooker.

    “I said, ‘Paul this is absolutely senseless us having this conversation. I have my heart set on a career, we’ve made a few mistakes, and I’ll probably make a lot more … Maybe I’ll never make it, but there are certain things I will not do.”

    Ruth said the tense conversation reached a stalemate and she told Paul she was going to “put the phone down.” She suggested he call her back when he had cooled off so they could discuss their options.

    “The last words he ever said to me were, ‘You can’t put the phone down on me – I’m Paul McCartney.'”They never spoke again.

    When contacted by The ENQUIRER about the stunning allegations of Ruth and Angie, Paul’s representative did not respond.

    • In the first place Paul and Linda McCartney never said the marriage was perfect. Your comment alone regarding Paul McCartney is abusive in it self. I bet your talk to your family or loved ones the same way.

    • Angie and Ruth are pathetic losers. Paul fell out with them as these two sold his birthcertificate among other things to the collectors.

  24. Macca’s a member of the mile high club

    Hot-to-trot (and hop) Heather Mills knew how to keep Macca’s motor running. A school pal, who still lives in Heather’s home town of Newcastle, revealed: “Heather gave Paul sex, sex, then even more sex – any where and everywhere! The last time she came up to Newcastle she boasted about having sex with Paul on his private jet. She even had to hold the door shut with her foot when the pilot tried to get in. Heather said she gave Paul the best sex of his life and as much of it as he wanted.



    “Jet” by Wings

    Jet! Jet! Jet!
    I Can Almost Remember her Funny Faces
    That Time You Told Me That
    You Were Going To Be Marrying Soon.
    And Jet, I Thought The Only
    Lonely Place Was On The Moon.
    Jet! Jet!

    Jet! Was Your Father As Bold As A Sergeant Major?
    How Come He Told You That
    You Were Hardly Old Enough Yet?
    And Jet, I Thought The Major
    Was A Lady Suffragette.
    Jet! Jet!

    Ah, Mater, Want Jet To Always Love Me
    Ah, Mater, Want Jet To Always Love Me
    Ah, Mater, Much Later.

    And Jet, I Thought The Major
    Was A Lady Suffragette.
    Jet! Jet!

    Ah, Mater, Want Jet To Always Love Me
    Ah, Mater, Want Jet To Always Love Me
    Ah, Mater, Much Later.

    Jet! With The Wind In Your Hair Of A Thousand Laces.
    Climb On The Back And We’ll
    Go For A Ride In The Sky.
    And Jet, I Thought The Major
    Was A Lady Suffragette.
    Jet! Jet!

    And Jet, You Know I Thought You
    Was A Little Lady Suffragette

  25. Paul McCartney is notoriously cheap, controlling and cunning….this is not shocking news. Paul McCartney is a miser who has never given a penny to charity. Paul performs at events that generate money because of his attendance at the event/s. Paul has never given a penny out of his own pocket. This is how it works: Paul McCartney’s fans donate to the charities by buying the tickets to the event/s. Paul Newman, Oprah Winfrey, Bono and Bills Gates are honest and legitimate philanthropists – all of them give money to charities out of their “own pockets”. Paul McCartney is a greedy businessman who wants to make money, not give it away – tax write offs, or not. If Paul McCartney could be buried with his billion plus pounds, he would. What Paul McCartney has to pay Heather Mills in the divorce settlement is petty change to him. Paul McCartney released his new album Memory Almost Full [which bloody stinks, proven by being #65 on Billboard] and is planning to tour in 2008. Paul McCartney feels he will make back all, if not threes times the money he had to pay Heather Mills from the sales of Memory Almost Full and his 2008 tour, proving he is a delusional and mentally ill old prick. But how much money will it cost Paul McCartney to buy back his good reputation and dignity? And how much money would buy back Paul McCartney’s “Peace of Mind”? Money didn’t buy Paul McCartney love, but he does buy him many material things and friends. If you really think about it, Paul McCartney is poverty stricken. I pity the next bird that hooks up with Paul McCartney. It will be very interesting to see who ends up being Lady McCartney the 3rd.

    • Nancy Shevell.. and I’d say he made back multiples of times over what he paid out to that whore Heather Mills. Paul McCartney is one of the best musical performers ever.. he has proven that just in the last 4 years alone having toured many times all over the world and still going to places he’s never been. He’s happily married and has restored his relationship with his children that that whore Heather managed to damage. Good going Paul.. KEEP GOING STRONG, Paul. Let the whore lovers and “Geoffrey ‘The Lyin’ Bastard’ Giuliano” say what they’re going to say. Meanwhile the TRUTH keeps marching on and that is the Paul McCartney is the greatest and rolls over the haters and liars who have tried to become his hangers on. Y’all are the WEAKEST LINKS.. good bye!

  26. Heather Mills Settles with Paul McCartney for a reported $100 million

    That sum includes a $40M lump sum payment, a house down the road from Paul, and around $5M a year in child support until little Beatrice turns 18.

    Paul’s wallet is not hurting, but his ego and pride are. Paul had to pay Heather that sum of money, otherwise she would have released a lot of very bad information about him. Heather has some shocking information about Paul that could do additional damage to his “Nice Guy” reputation – and it could also damage many of his relationships with fellow musicians, business associates, and even close friends. She told the world he was a drunk and stoner {but we already knew that} and she told us he abused her etc…., but that information is nothing compared to the OTHER information she could of released about him. You can look at it as a divorce settlement and a PLEASE keep your yap settlement. He gave us many clues to what type of man he really is when he bought the Linda McCartney tapes in November of last year. If he had nothing to be ashamed of or hide, why did he buy those tapes? Paul paid Peter Cox an amazing $380,000 for the tapes. The tapes allegedly contain revelations of Linda’s marriage to McCartney, which he wants kept secret. I wonder why? Did Linda confirm everything Heather accused Paul of and then some? I’d bet my last pound that Linda did. The past is never too far behind Paul McCartney and in your case it is catching up to you very fast and furious. Paul must know that his money can not buy him PEACE OF MIND. Only time will tell if this ADDITIONAL information about Paul seeps out. I don’t think “Time is on his side”. Heather’s attorney, Anthony Julius, gathered damaging material against the former Beatle that clearly indicated that he is not, in real life, the person that he appears to be every time he sees a media representative.


    Six Reasons to Hate…Paul McCartney

    1. He’s a pot-smoking hypocrite.

    He called drug use by kids today “life-threatening,” yet described the ass loads of drugs he did in the ’60s as “innocent.” Paul smoked pot in front of his children when they were toddlers and left drugs out in the open when the children were around. I hope Paul doesn’t write a “Good Parenting Skills” book.

    2. He’s an iron-fisted tyrant.

    The outspoken vegetarian once forbade anyone working at his concert from eating meat. He even hired former intelligence agents to spy on people to make sure they didn’t have beefy contraband. But it has been said that Paul occasionally eats roast beef (in private, ofcoarse).

    3. He’s a cheap bastard.

    When McCartney—who is said to be worth more than $1 billion—threw a birthday party for Heather Mills, and the “richest man in pop music” made his guests pay for their drinks at a cash bar.

    4. His band mates despised him.

    The Beatles sang about love and understanding, yet even they hated Paul. That’s why George wrote the song “I Me Mine” and John penned “How Do You Sleep?” Ringo…well, he was just Ringo.

    5. He’s a cold-hearted jerk.

    Asked what he thought about John Lennon’s tragic death in 1980, he said, “It’s a drag” and referred to Satan as “rather uncool”.

    6. He’s a wife-beating, drunk who thinks all woman are useless sluts and are only needed for sex.

    • Hey Noel, did Paul McCartney piss in your cornflakes?
      Lots of people smoke(d) pot in front of their children which IS NOT the same as doing heroin, coke and other much stronger narcotics THAT CAN KILL you. Anybody that claims pot is a seriously dangerous drug you can overdose on is a LIAR with an agenda.

      Your #2 reason to hate McCartney sounds like bs. And even if it is true, folks that work at McCartney concerts and don’t like his work rules are free to leave and work elsewhere. Also Paul is free to change his mind and eat meat if he wants too, so what?!

      If Paul is so damn cheap, why would he spend so much money to spy on employees to see if they are eating meat? I call bull on that claim!

      His band mates (Beatles) love(d) him and he loves/loved them. Like in any family, there are anger, disagreements, fights. Sometimes the disagreements are lifelong. Doesn’t necessarily mean it’s hate.

      Paul McCartney had just learned of John Lennon’s murder. He was in shock when a thoughtless reporter, looking for the worlds biggest scoop, shoved a mic into his face and demanded to know how he felt about Lennon’s death. Too bad McCartney didn’t have the presence of mind to tell the reporter to piss off or at the very least no comment, but just because he didn’t put on a crying and blubbering show for the likes of JACKASSES LIKE YOU, you claim he is a cold hearted jerk.
      YOU are a cold hearted jerk! See how that works?

      Most people would think that Satan is rather “uncool”
      Most people would think of Satan as extremely hot, and not in a good way.

      You claim McCartney is a wife-beating drunk who thinks ALL women are useless sluts and are only needed for sex. What, including his own mother, wives (that 2nd one qualified) and daughters? You have no proof of this but I would surmise that you are projecting YOUR beliefs and attitudes onto Paul McCartney, a man you clearly are jealous of.

      Stay miserable in your hatefest against McCartney as he just keeps living his life and doing what he loves. Making music and filling those concerts up with his devoted fans.

  27. I am perfectly ready to admit that I think most of these remarks on this page are completely true. McCartney writes and sings ‘pop crap’, he isn’t a technical virtuoso, he’s a dirty rich scumbag (and a member of the ‘Great Washed-Up Club’, too), he’s mean and lean and a big show off.

    I don’t like this guy at all, and I’ve tried my damnedest to admire him for a long time. Terrific bassist…with the Beatles. Terrific composer…with the Beatles. Good singer…with the Beatles (This one is a more often than not thing, after more than half an album’s worth of listening his voice just turns bland to my ears.) Had his moments as a lyricist…again, with the Beatles. Before I got into playing music he was my favorite Beatle, but when I learned what it was all about first hand it became Lennon who held me in awe. McCartney is a performer first, an artist second. A show off first, a musician second.

    With the Beatles he did manage some monumental songs, ‘Yesterday’, ‘Hey Jude’, ‘Eleanor Rigby’, etc. etc. But most of his songs even then were mostly show ditties and deliberate toe tappers. Hey, he’s good at it, terrific filler for the in between commercial time on the car radio. He has been, in the past, a shameless self promoter and a cheap bastard. A notoriously cheap bastard. Anyone who knows the story of how he ended up with that first Rickenbacker bass can’t argue with that particular opinion of him. He admits to playing Yamaha equipment these days because of the ‘freebies’. I have a Yamaha 300 Series Precision Bass, because it was the best I could afford at the time. Come on! This guy’s a multi-millionare! What’s a couple thousand US dollars for a top line axe to this guy? He pissed all over Denny Lane and used him badly during the heyday of Wings.

    He plays more instruments than a dog has fleas. But the only one he really excels at is the bass. He was the original lead guitar for the Beatles but kept blowing it. That’s probably why he was such an innovative bassist-he was actually a frustrated lead player. He was famous with the Beatles for his charm and sense of humor. Anytime I’ve seen him in an interview or on stage that charm seems all too forced and I can detect no real sense of humor at all. Hell of a PR job in my opinion. I’ve owned at least half his solo stuff at one time or another, just couldn’t find the truth in it anywhere. Kept the greatest hits and Band on the Run around, just in case I’m in the mood to be bland and phony. I sincerely wish I could be more positive about Sir Paul McCartney but I find it very difficult. He is a master of hook and melody, I find it a shame he can’t seem to use those gifts for more than pop crap and pseudo-rock. And don’t get me started on the late Mrs. McCartney. I’m honestly sorry she’s gone and from what I understand she was a good person and a real sincere lady, but she was as bad on stage as Yoko Ono. At least Yoko was an artist and was trying to make some kind of point, as obscure as that point may have been.

    I think McCartney needs a strong creative framework to do his best work. He had it within the framework that was the other three Beatles and George Martin. On his own he’s just more noise coming from the magic box. Lennon was the organ grinder…McCartney was the monkey.

    McCartney’s new album Memory Almost Full is horrible.

    • Okay. We get it. You hate Paul McCartney and everything about him and LOVE Lennon in all his bitter “Daddy left, Mummy died, loveYoko”one note angst songs. Your perogative as well as others.
      Lots of people LOVE Macca’s music and appreciate the talented genius he is. His fanbase is growing and is diverse as his music, with the younger generation discovering all his older solo and Wings album gems as well as his Beatle music. You may not like it, but Macca’s music makes people feel good, happy, sad, reflective, connected, His music makes you FEEL. He has some turkeys , but not as many as Lennon’s solo catalogue.
      However for you to discribe Yoko Ono as a artist is much, much too generous a discription of that talentless shrew. She was/is an artist wannabe. She raised the bar (or lowered the bar) in shameless groupie gold digging, targeted your fave John Lennon and hit the motherload when he foolishly fell for her “charms” using an unhealthy dose of hard drugs and hypnotism to snare and keep him into her spider web, reducing a once great man into a zombie, claiming he would rather bake bread and be Mr Mom. When he tried to escape her clutches and reunite with his true soulmate, your hated McCartney, (listen to lyrics Just Like Starting Over) and read between the lines because the song is about McCartney NOT Yuko Oh No! he was all too conveniantly murdered. Take from that what you will, I’m just saying.

  28. Some major musical crimes that have been committed by Paul McCartney.

    Paul McCartney wants us to buy his new album.

    There’s only one problem, the album sucks!

    Are you catching this “Memory Almost Full” hype? It’s positively deafening. They’re trying to get the word out, how Paul McCartney’s got a new album, that he’s not an old fart, that he’s breaking the paradigm by signing with Starbucks.

    Paul McCartney is a man on the run

    Always the rebel that Paul, always cheeky. He shows that he’s up to date by dissing the old guard. But then he fumbles by laying upon us a full disc of music that almost no one cares about.

    Make no mistake, Paul McCartney’s is in it for the money. He traded integrity for money. Example: Band on the Run song used as the theme song in a “Fidelity Investments” commericial. When you have enough money it seems like a bad trade. Paul McCartney will longer be remembered in history for his skill and integrity. With him it’s about money, recognition, anointment of his royalty status. And he’s royalty, it’s just that we all stopped paying attention when “Flowers In The Dirt” was hyped as a return to form and wasn’t.

    That’s what Paul’s up against, not a record company that doesn’t know how to get the word out. Paul is battling the perception that he’s a has-been, that his hits are behind him, and even though he’s aligned with Starbucks, the perception remains.

    I’ve got to tell you, I don’t have time for a full album by ANYBODY! If you think today’s listeners plop down their ten plus bucks and play your disc over and over again, waiting for it to reveal itself, you’re DREAMING!

    No, today it’s about the track, you’ve got to be hooked by the TRACK! And “Ever Present Past” is not that track.

    McCartney’s obviously whacked. He thinks that execrable 9/11 “Freedom” song is an anthem, whereas if he was my dad, I’d tell him not to let it out of the studio, that it positively SUCKS! Couldn’t ONE of the marketers appearing in the “New Yorker” article have raised his hand and said “The rule of the Net, of today is that the music has to be GREAT!”?

    The old days of getting people to lay down their money without hearing the music first are passé. I’ll bet you can ALREADY download all of “Memory Almost Full” on the Net, if you care… but there hasn’t been any word about the album available on the Net, because nobody does.

    Yup, everybody’s gonna hear McCartney’s tunes at Starbucks. Oh, they’ll sell many CDs, but in a week or two, if that, NO ONE WILL CARE! Because the music just isn’t that good. Four tracks Paul, not thirteen, sold ONLY at iTunes. You want your track known by everybody? Then don’t lamely try to re-create the second side of “Abbey Road”, write a song like “We Will Rock You” or “We Are The Champions”.

    God, why couldn’t they get the guy to focus on music first. If he wrote a song HALF as good as “Yesterday”, then people would WANT the album, to see if there were MORE!

    But no, all we know about McCartney’s new album is that you can buy it at Starbucks. Isn’t that like Apple announcing you can buy iPods at Best Buy? Better yet, Microsoft announcing ZUNES at Best Buy?

    Distribution is not the story, ART is the story. And McCartney’s focus is all wrong. Give me one good reason to pay attention. And that’s one killer track. Hell, it doesn’t have to be “Yesterday”, I’ll settle for “Junior’s Farm”, maybe even “Helen Wheels”.

    Or maybe Paul’s just lost the touch. That’s the real story here. Do our older rockers still have it? If they produce something great can it be ubiquitous?

    Rod Stewart and David Bowie played it safe.

    Bob Dylan never released a mainstream product.

    Say it isn’t so Paul. Tell us you’ve got one great track left in you, that’ll make us believe. And then we’ll want MORE! Doesn’t matter if it’s CD or a file. But it does matter how you serve it up. Not WHERE you serve it up so much as how you entice us. Do you marry the girl who gives it up on the first night (unfortunately he did)? Do they play the World Series BEFORE the season begins? Lead us so ever gently into the land of quality.

    That’s the story of the marketplace today. There are very few good things out there. We revel in good stuff, and tell everybody about it. You missed the boat Paul. We wanted something better.

  29. Paul Mccartney is such a loser 😛

  30. Whoever wrote this big load of horse-shit, doesn’t understand anything about music, instrumentality or true talent and greatness. Just play a Beatles or McCartney CD, listen and then tell me if it’s not one of the greatest sets of songs you ever heard. Grow up, listen and learn!

  31. this is some of the most mean spirited, ignorant s— i’ve ever seen about any artist ever,and some of these posts praise yoko .

  32. bullshit..he has a big heart..Heather Mills is ruthless..her class is missing..like her leg..Paul and lInda one of the sweetest love stories of all times..people are just jealous that someone can be successful and giving and loving..which is a rare thing. to whoever wrote this..get a life.

  33. “Those freaks was right when they said you was dead…” The real 1966 Paul is not the 1967 Faul. Many, many proofs (like audio analysis of voice done by a credible scientist) check out Paul Is Dead on youtube and Plasticmacca website! RIP Paul.

  34. Jealous much? Haha. I honestly laughed when I Was reading this! If someone believes this. I’m sorry. But that is sad

  35. Most of these stories are speculation without proof. Like all huge stars there are lots of fictional or exaggerated stories about them. Although I am not a huge fan I think there are a lot worse people than him in the music business. I am not surprised he is a bit of a diva given his long term fame and the money he has made. People always talk a bout his huge ego, there are worse things than that in life, after all he was in the biggest band ever and was along with Lennon the most high profile member. Although they pretend they don’t most of the really big stars have a huge ego or they wouldn’t be were they are.

  36. It’s amazing how many people hate Paul McCartney on this site. He is simply human and given to human weaknesses just like everyone else. I agree with Mark, most stars (they don’t have to be big stars, just have a little star appeal) have huge egos and can be arrogant. So why is Paul being crucified for being just like his peers and want-to-be-peers?

    Look at his amazing life: He’s been in music for most of his life, starting in his early teen years, he, along with young John Lennon, an even younger George Harrison, and Ringo Starr were making and performing music publicly before they became “The Beatles”, as we now know the Beatles. And think about how hard they worked, sometimes under not so favorable conditions. Look at their time in Hamburg, Germany where they really perfected their craft; that wasn’t easy. Yet, they persevered.

    Then take a look at the ‘mania’ the Beatles generated through their music and their mere presence. Now, fifty-plus-years later, their music is still going strong. Ringo Starr is still going strong, and Sir James Paul McCartney at the age of 71 is really going strong. He still sells out huge stadiums, and he is still writing and recording new music and songs. So what would one expect of him? Most people would have an ego the size of the Grand Canyon if they had achieved and accomplished a thimble full of what Paul McCartney has achieved.

    Why not just give him a break and let him live his life the way he wants to live it. Yes, I’m a huge Beatles and McCartney fan, but, I am looking at him from an objective point of few and not just based on my own personal opinions about him.

  37. @Uncle Thomas, I have never heard anything so vile said about anybody. It is very clear that you really hate Black and African people. How sad that you carry such thoughts in your head and heart, even worse, you feel a need to spread it across the internet for the whole world to see and read. Fortunately, most people don’t think like you and will just dismiss your comments. Thank God.

  38. Some people have a lot of time on their hands.

  39. This story about Paul McCartney, written more than a handful of years ago now, does not include authentic, verifiable sources. It is rumor, gossip, and most likely written by someone who was either in the Heather Mills camp or by someone who was making a joke; kind of like the ‘Paul is dead’ baloney. The replies that agree with the original post, almost all seem to be written by the same person or group of people. Obviously this article has made no impact whatsoever on Paul’s life or career and it should not.

  40. Who the hell wrote all this? Ron Paul? No, he’s too sane–maybe the guy behind the Heaven’s Gate cult? No, he committed suicide in the mid-90s. Hmm. Well, all I know is that this page is full of crap that may be confirmed by various supermarket tabloids, but as for the real proof… I don’t see it. I don’t agree with all of Paul’s opinions, but this slander is so, so unfounded and stupid.

  41. This person may have been snubbed by Paul in some small way when asking for an autograph etc. This is what happens when a narcissist meets the disapproval of someone influential–he goes on the smear campaign.

  42. Rubbish

  43. Paul is a LOT like my good old childhood friend Bill … Bill Cosby. But Bill always put on an act that was always “flawless!!!” Very few people could ever “see through” Bill’s act. Not so much with Paul. Only now, at the end of Bill’s life, is the truth finally making itself known. Bill has always been the true “chameleon.” He has always been slicker than a greased door-knob and has always ( at least in the PAST ) came out spotless as fine polished, bleached porcelain. Bill’s “act” has always been “flawless.” Paul McCartney, on the other hand, like a lighter-skinned version of Bill, but nowhere near as “squeaky clean!” Ain’t nothin “J.E.L.L.O” about Paul. …( OR Bill for that matter! ). But “Li’l Bill” always had everybody fooled. Well, ALMOST everybody. Bill never could fool his mother, he never could fool Russell ( His baby brother ), He could only fool Harold SOME of the time, but I ALWAYS saw right through Bill!!! I never did like him. I loved him like a brother, but that doesn’t mean I “liked” him! I never trusted Bill. The kid always WAS “two-faced!” He fooled everybody! … except those on his old forgotten “home front.” Paul is like Bill, but nowhere NEAR as, how should we say, “spotless!”
    Bill is truely a “master chameleon!” He fooled just
    about everybody. But not “quite” everybody.
    Oh the devastating HARM these “narcissists” do!!! But Paul is not the “master narcissist – deceiver!” Despite recent events ( yes sir, God’s judgement falls HARD! ), Bill Cosby is STILL “The Master!”
    On Bill’s head-stone, it should be stated on the bottom right corner: … “He fooled them, one and ALL!” …. but not his mother. … or Albert.

  44. Truth be told, it really is true: No one “knows you” quite like the “folks back home!” If you want to learn what somebody is REALLY like, that’s the place to start!!! Go to the person’s “place of origin” and ask those that “know him ( or her ) BEST!” What you learn will be “eye opening.” Paul McCartney was reputed to have been one very tough, MEAN kid! No one messed with him. He was cautiously “respected” on the mean streets of Liverpool! Even Ringo ( also one very mean, tough kid from Liverpool) never did mess with Paul!!! Paul was the type that would blow up and stab a person in the neck!!!
    Bill would, too!!!

  45. Man, everybody thinks that they “know” these beloved narcissists,… but they DON’T!!!! Very few people can actually “see through” the ACT that such people – famous or NOT – put on! Their “disguises” ( alter egos ) are often nearly “flawless!” But there are always those moments “behind the curtain”, where the MONSTER peeks out from behind the veil and somebody gets ripped to shreds!!!! I know Bill. I remember him saying to me… “yeah, so WHAT!?” They all just a buch of “dim wits”, anyway!” I mould their minds like soft clay. And any girl’s GOT to admit just one thing: I’m the BEST GODDAMN
    THING THEY EVER HAD!!!” That’s just the way “narcissists” ARE! They are always the “seal of perfection!” They don’t MAKE mistakes! They are often “loved by all!” And they have very little if any “conscience” whatsoever. Even Bugs Bunny has at least a slight ‘trace’ of conscience. But true malignant “narcissists” and “psychopaths” never do. I know. I “grew up” with one. He was always “pulling pranks” on the Minister at church ( oh how Bill HATED church! ) He was always pullin’ PRANKS on people! But just when you thought Bill was all “fun and jokes”, a mere “B” on his report card would send him into a fit of outrage that would leave everybody in a state of stunned silence! I can testify, that underneath all the jokes and “chameleonism”, Bill has a downright “fierce” temper! You DON’T MESS with it!!!

    • I knew yet “another” guy who was like like Paul and Bill. He was a small time comedian and night-club cool-cat. The way he was, it was always HE who made all the jokes. ( Bill’s like this, too! ) when somebody else proved to be equally funny, he would “humiliate” the other comedian. If you were that “other comedian”, and you proved to be even “funnier” than him, you’d soon find yourself picking your teeth up off the floor!!!!! The way narcissists are, it’s always that they are always”A #1!!!” And
      YOU are always”B #2!!!” Forget that simple rule, and it’s WAR!!! Because there’s only room for ONE on the peak of their self gratifying mountain! All others must “get the hell off!!!” Nobody AKSED them!!! Even their own hot sexy WOMEN are “trophies” at best, “embarrassments” at worst. That’s just the way they are.

  46. 9 years and people still saying it sucks

  47. well, what I think paul mccartney is a romanticism gentleman. he can’t communicate with everyone. it’s like the speed of light, in time. saw that on tv.

  48. Read this and i’m appalled! This paul is faul! That’s why he is the way he is! The real paul was sweet, abd basuc talent which worked with john. He died in 66 and the replacement was talented but years if lies, living in the persona of paul has taken a toll,physically, mentally. The truth will set all free!

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