Brian Wilson only plays McCartney and Phil Spector at home.

News reports like this are strange to me.  I actually find them quite humorous.  I really don’t care what Brian Wilson listens to at home, yet I’m mildly fascinated.  We all can make a best guess at what the musical genius listens to, but I would think that it would be a little more varied, and maybe a little more current. 

I’m not truly surprised, but I would think at least that Brian Wilson would have a bit of an interest in listening to something with some beats, or electronic sampling.  I guess he’s truly a musical purist and sticks with that classic wall of sound, and Macca’s melodic tunes.

Here’s a question for you all to reply to in the comments below.  What should be on Brian Wilson’s ipod?  This should be interesting.  Let’s get creative people.

Here’s what we’ve read.

Paul and Brian - BFF

Brian Wilson says that his main musical influences haven’t changed much since the ’60s. Wilson told the San Francisco Gate that he only plays select artist around the house these days, explaining that, “I only play Phil Spector’s records, really. Sometimes I play Paul McCartney. But I listen to Phil Spector’s. When I first heard Phil Spector’s records, it opened up a door for me, a door to creativity.”

Wilson said that he quickly made the move from being a fan of Spector’s recording technique into becoming his chief competitor: “At first, I felt like I loved what I was doing, and then I said, ‘No. I’m going to try to whip Spector. I’m going to try to beat Spector at his records.’ And I kept trying.”

When asked whether or not his long battle with stage fright has lessened throughout the years, Wilson said, “No. I haven’t gotten over it yet. I still go through a lot of mental changes, mind changes, before every concert. But the first song we start to sing, then I’m cool by then, I’m all right. I like performing. I like to feel the love.”

Wilson is in the process of recording his first new studio set since his 2004 Grammy award-winning Brian Wilson Presents Smile album. The still-untitled collection features his first collaboration with Burt Bacharach. There’s been no release date set for the album.

Brian Wilson just wrapped up a couple of California dates with Beach Boys co-founder Al Jardine. They are expected to announce more joint concerts in the coming months.

Source: Rock Radio


3 Responses

  1. Dennis Wilson — Pacific Ocean Blue

    I’ve often read about how much admiration Brian had for Dennis’ music, and I think it would only be fitting that Brian had Pacific Ocean Blue on his I-pod.

    Jeff Buckley — Grace

    Jeff’s vocal range and versatility is simply amazing in my mind, and, thus, should warrant inclusion on Brian’s I-pod.

    Three Dog Night — The Best of Three Dog Night

    Brian helped them get their start when they were Redwood.

    Radiohead — Kid A

    The music was on this disc was liquified in many parts (i.e. The National Anthem), which illustrates a musical departure from the modular approach from Brian’s SMiLE-era music.

    That’s all I can think of right now.

  2. He’d probably burn his iPod before he’d get a chance to listen to anything. Brain Wilson is a little…how can I put this….CRAZY!?

  3. In my opinion as I am a fan of BOTH of these talents? ( No dis-respect to Mr. Spector FYI!) I MUST assume that on Brian Wilson’s ipod????the song is most CERTAINLY “Feet On The Ground” by who else?? Sir Paul McCartney! I have to assume he is ‘smiling’ as we speak!

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