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Heather’s sis rants and there is backlash.

I haven’t commented on the Macca-Mills divorce lately, but it looks like some things have heated up with Heather’s sister Fiona chiming in.  So I apologize for the lenghty posted, but it is all quite interesting and gossipy. 

It looks like Mrs. Macca’s sister has spoken, somewhat on her behalf on Heather’s official website, and divorce talks may have been stalled due to the hullabaloo.  I think it is somewhat melodramatic, and Heather’s sister seems as much the drama queen as her sister.  I mean really all of this is very sad.  It is stated very clearly on the Heather Mills’ website splash intro…”Enough is enough.” Right?

If those sentiments are true, then why are you feeding the fire with this long rant about your sister.  Just let it play out and end this fiasco.  Quit stoking the coals.  I know you are looking out for the best interest of your sister and your niece, but aren’t you doing more harm than good?

After the article you can read the entire rant that was posted on the Heather Mills official website.

Here’s what we’ve read.

Heather Mills’ sister has accused Sir Paul McCartney of endangering the life of his daughter, by refusing to pay for security for Heather.

Fiona Mills, who works as her sibling’s personal assistant, has slammed the former Beatle for ignoring death threats sent to Heather, who he has a three-year-old daughter, Beatrice, with.

Fiona ranted on her sister’s personal website: “My sister and her daughter are receiving death threats. But they no longer receive the protection that would be afforded to any other member of the McCartney family.”

Paul, 64, and Heather, 39, are due in court next month to resolve the row over security.

The former model is adamant she is entitled to, and requires, a professional bodyguard after receiving a string of threats and abusive letters, but Paul will not pay for one.

Earlier this week, it was reported that the estranged couple had reached an out of court divorce settlement worth UKP32 million.

However, legal firm Mishcon de Reya, which represents Heather, quickly issued a statement denying Paul had made an offer. A spokeswoman said: “No offer has been made whatsoever at any time.”

Source: London Net

Here is the text of the Fiona Mills rant that was posted at her sister’s official website.

After eight months of reading disgusting, untrue and hurtful stories about my sister Heather I feel enough is enough and I would like to try and set the record straight. It’s impossible to answer every single lie that has been written about her, there are just too many, but over the next few weeks I will try to answer some of them.The main reason that I am responding is that I am deeply concerned for the safety of my sister and her daughter. They are receiving death threats, not because she is getting a divorce, but because some of the British tabloids decided from day one that they wish to destroy her, create hatred towards her and profit out of doing so. The vicious agenda of these tabloids has resulted in death threats to my family and  I want to try to do something. Heather and Beatrice no longer receive the protection that would be afforded to any other member of the McCartney family facing such threats. It is extremely stressful to be informed by the police of a serious risk to your life and then to be followed by strange cars and people that may or may not be paparazzi.

We have been accused of creating publicity stunts and leaking information to get publicity. This is not true and is a ridiculous accusation considering all the publicity is negative. It is not hard to work out where the inaccurate information is coming from. It’s impossible to leave the house and do anything without being followed by paparazzi who want a picture of anything Heather does. They have followed her practically everyday for 253 days making it impossible for her to have privacy in her life with her daughter. We have even resorted to having to continuously film this harassment since Heather was assaulted by a member of the paparazzi in early July, in order to have proof in court. None of this would be happening if the newspapers weren’t prepared to pay for the photographs. It’s pointless trying to set the record straight with the newspapers, they are not interested, it’s against their agenda, so this seems to be the only forum for the truth. It’s impossible to sue newspapers for every lie they print, we already have three libel cases going on at the moment and there are more to follow.

I don’t believe the public are massively interested in reading about this divorce, which is the excuse the tabloids give for their harassment. The public have no choice over what is printed in the newspapers everyday. The tabloids paint a picture that the public hate my sister and yet it is the tabloids themselves that spin the lies in order to influence public opinion.

Heather does not deserve the hatred that the tabloid press have thrown at her. She is just one of many women getting a divorce. She has committed no crime and has been silent throughout but what good has it done? When journalists have an agenda against you and people you don’t even know are paid to lie as ‘sources’ there is very little you can do. Heather’s not a gold digger, liar or self-publicist for people to tear apart – she’s a human being and a mother who has feelings and cares what her daughter will read in the future and it is deeply hurtful to hear and read all the spiteful things that are said about her.

I guess people can believe what they want, but just give her a break, please, it’s not fair that one person should be the subject of so much abuse…I love her and I love my niece, give them a bit of peace..

Fiona Mills
22 January 2007

Source: HeatherMills.org 


2 Responses

  1. Ms Mills says “Heather’s not a gold digger, liar or self-publicist.” Bullshit.

    Heather accused Paul of hitting her – liar?
    Heather only married Paul and had a kid with him for his money – gold digger?
    Heather was forever in the British tabloids moaning about how she lost a leg every six months or so after the money she got for the story ran out – self publicist?

    Fiona Mills is only after Heather’s money aswell. They’re all out for what they can get. The Mills clan are a sad, sad family. Everyone knows what Heather Mills is and was and she will never be forgiven for what she is doing to one of the most talented and influential people that has ever lived!

    Personally, I hope that Paul is getting regular health checks. We don’t want him to keel over with the pressure of this divorce.

    Keep your pecker up Paul. All your loyal fans are behind you every step of the way!

  2. “We have even resorted to having to continuously film this harassment since Heather was assaulted by a member of the paparazzi in early July, in order to have proof in court.”

    Hopefully it’ll be edited into a documentary. Maybe a fitting climax would be a rooftop lawsuit.

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