Lennon: The Wife Beater?

It seems that Mrs. Lennon’s driver has some interesting tapes.  I don’t personally believe much of his story.  It all seems to sick and sad for me.  It’s all very Albert Goldman-y.  The entire story seems very convenient, twisted and opportunistic.

Here’s what we’ve read.

Yoko Ono’s driver tried to blackmail the widow of John Lennon by claiming he had Oko and Lennon’s son on tape calling the late Beatle “a wife-beating a—hole”.

The alleged $US2 million ($2.5 million) extortion plot by Koral Karsan emerged when his supposed blackmail note was made public in court documents.

His lawyer said the document, which he filed in New York in support of a bail application, showed Mr Karsan was pursuing a legitimate sexual harassment claim against Ono, 73.

In the letter, Mr Karsan, 50, described himself as Ono’s “lover and confidant” in a decade-long relationship that had “deepened into a very emotional and physical one”. He threatened to sue for sexual harassment, calling people including her son Sean to testify.

Mr Karsan told Ono he had tapes “that will quite frankly astound the world”.

He wrote: “If you want all of these pictures, recordings, emails, conversations and memories to vanish from the face of the earth … send me a certified cashier’s cheque from a New York bank for a total amount of $2 million.”

The alleged material included a recording of Sean telling his girlfriend that John Lennon was “a wife-beating a—hole”.

A spokesman for Ono denied there was a sexual liaison between her and Mr Karsan.

Mr Karsan faces up to 15 years in prison if convicted.

Source: The Australian


12 Responses

  1. “I used to be cruel to my woman
    I beat her and kept her apart from the things that she loved.”
    – Getting Better

    “I’m not passive, I’m patient,” said [Cynthia] Lennon when asked why she put up with John’s verbal abuse, heavy drug use and long absences from the family home.

    “But I would not put up with physical abuse,” she said, a reference to the new book’s description — absent from her 1978 book, “A Twist of Lennon” — of John striking her in a fit of jealousy after he saw Cynthia and Sutcliffe dancing.”

  2. John did hit Cynthia. He had a violent side. Didn’t he admit it himself? Anyway, I think that most Lennon fans know about this, so he must be referring to something else when he says that what is on these tapes will “astound the world.”

  3. The “he” in “he must be referring to something else” being Mr. Karsan, of course.

  4. Lennon had admitted to violence; and Sean has called Lennon a “macho asshole” and a “pig” in print — so those bits wouldn’t shock the world.

    I guess the driver’s claims about being Ono’s lover could be surprising. Ono had parted ways with Sam Havadtoy (a gay man who many insiders believe Ono married in Hungary in the early 80s) around ’99.

  5. This is rubbish. I will not put up with these things being put for the world to see when they are indeed rubish!

  6. Reminds me of an old joke: What’s yellow & sleeps alone? Yoko Ono! Even a pillow -biting faggot wouldn’t touch that thing with a ten-foot-pole. The ORIGINAL ambulance chasing gold digger. I hope he did beat her sorry ass!

  7. Whether or not Lennon was a wife beater is hard to say. But you know what, Yoko knew what she was getting, so they deserved each other. Moreover, the world has to stop viewing Lennon like he is a great deity or saint or something. He was far from it. He was the biggest hypocrite, whoremaster and child neglecter. All his waa, waa, waa about his Mommy leaving him and starting another family and his father taking off, and then he goes short changing his first son, Julian? May you rest in peace, Lennon, but you really didn’t make peace for a lot of people! AND SHAME ON YOU FOR NOT TREATING YOUR TWO SONS EQUALLY!

  8. joan wright is right ,yea no bodys perfect, he was an ass some times, but made great music sometimes, and he did try later in life to get better, some people never try,thats why the illuminati finally had chapman shoot him dead. they wanted him to push drugs so they could brainwash more kids into the new world order, new age brainwash thinking. what would jesus do?

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