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Yoko driver’s blackmail plot letter is read in court.

Such a sad state of affairs to be in.  It looks like the case of Yoko Ono’s driver is just getting more twisted as it progresses.  C’mon, just leave the woman alone hasn’t she been through enough?  I know that 2 million is tempting, but it all just seems a little…insane.  I mean really if you needed the money that bad couldn’t you have just asked instead of calling her a lover and confidant?

Our hearts and thoughts go out to Yoko and her family.  Hopefully all of this is taken care of quickly and quietly.

Here’s what we’ve read.

Yoko Ono’s driver tried to blackmail the widow of John Lennon by claiming that he had their son on tape calling the late Beatle “a wife-beating asshole”, according to court documents.

Details of the alleged $2 million (£1 million) extortion plot by Koral Karsan emerged when his supposed blackmail note was made public in court documents. His lawyer said that the document, which he filed in New York in support of a bail application, showed that Mr Karsan was pursuing a legitimate sexual harrassment claim against Ono, 73.

In the letter, Mr Karsan, 50, described himself as Ono’s “lover and confidant” for a decade-long relationship that had “deepened into a very emotional and physical one”. He threatened to sue for sexual harrassment, calling Sean, her son, Jan Wenner, the Rolling Stone publisher, and “Paul” — a possible reference to Sir Paul McCartney — to testify.

Mr Karsan told Ono that he had tapes “that will quite frankly astound the world”. He wrote: “If you want all of these pictures, recordings, e-mails, conversations and memories to vanish from the face of the Earth . . . send me a certified cashier’s cheque from a New York bank for a total amount of $2 million.”

The alleged material included a recording of Sean telling his girlfriend that John Lennon was “a wife-beating a**hole”. Mr Karsan also threatened to reveal “the story of you getting raped during World War II in a Japanese farm and the effects of this act on your relationships with men including John”.

Elliot Mintz, Ono’s spokesman, said that any intimation of a sexual liaison between Ono and Mr Karsan was “a clear, obvious, transparent shakedown”. Mr Karsan, who was arrested on December 13, faces up to 15 years in prison if convicted.

Source: Times Online


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  1. what a jerk

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