Stella McCartney Trying to Find Dad Paul McCartney a New Woman

It looks like the soon-to-be bachelor McCartney is looking for a date.  I wonder if he’ll have any takers.  I can just imagine what his personal ad would look like.

64 SWM seeks SF 30-50, knighted rock musician, seeks companion for those lonely nights.  Enjoys world traveling, and charity functions.  Financially secure, and seeks the same.  No head games, or issues.  Looking for someone who doesn’t mind silly little love songs, puppies, and walks down long and winding roads.  Your picture gets mine.  Serious inquiries only.

Poor Paul. 

Here’s what we’ve read.

After the split from his wife Heather Mills, Paul McCartney’s been a lonely guy. Now his daughter, Stella McCartney, is trying to help him out in finding a girlfriend. Stella recently set her dad up with a friend of hers, with whom he apparently got along quite well with.

A source reveals that he really likes this woman that he met, but that he is very paranoid about getitng close to another woman. The situation with Heather Mills has more than ruffled his feathers.

According to the source, Paul is incredibly lonely right now, even asking a friend “What is the point of all my money and success now?”

The only thing that keep him going, says Paul, is his daughter Beatrice and his music. They are what hold him together. He never imagined that his child would grow up in an environment in which his parents were involved in a bitter divorce.

Paul fears that Heather is filling their daughter’s head with thoughts against him, and saying inappropriate things about him to her. The source claims that Paul already has evidence of this.

While Paul is trying to hold things together, he is writing a letter to his daughter Beatrice about his split with Heather. He will set the letter to music, and allow her to read it one day if she wishes to. He is desperate to let his daughter know what really happened, and to hear his side of the story so that she will know that he never meant for her to suffer.

Source: Cleveland Leader


2 Responses

  1. Obladi-oblada life goes on…bra!

  2. Oh gosh. Poor Paul indeed. I don’t blame him for being more than a little wary to get back into the dating scene.

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