New Ringo DVD to be released later this year.

Stop the presses people, the long-rumored, long-awaited animated Ringo DVD is set to be released this year.  I know there was a report a few weeks ago about a new Ringo-biopic rumored, but I hope that this is a separate entity.  Not that I would like to see Ringo’s story told as if he were a superhero, but I’d just like to see both. 

Maybe we’ll get to hear a separate soundtrack to the Stan Lee movie as well.

Here’s what we’ve read.

“Ringo” (the Stan Lee animated feature) to be released later this year on DVD

At 84 years of age Stan Lee is proving that the creative spirit never dies.

Iconic comic book creator, Stan Lee, is working with Starz Home Entertainment on ‘Stan Lee Presents,’ a franchise of animated features produced by Lee’s POW! Entertainment and the Starz-owned Film Roman animation studio. The third installment in the “Stan Lee Presents” presents series is Ringo, a musical comedy that tells the life story of ex-Beatle Ringo Starr, voicing himself, as if he were a superhero.

“We’re very excited,” states Lee. “The DVDs should appeal to the same audience as those who enjoy Marvel comics.” The first DVD in the series, “Mosaic”, will come to DVD Jan. 9 followed by “The Condor”, due March 20.

Source: Ringo Starr


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