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Queen has upstaged The Beatles.

Well it looks like the British have spoken yet again.  You faithful readers may have noticed my commentary on the multitude of Beatles-related polls in the UK.  Here is yet another poll proclaiming the greatest rock thingy in the universe yet again.  Surprisingly, however, our beloved Fab Four were runners-up this time around.

Here’s what we’ve read.

Queen has upstaged the Beatles to win the title of greatest British band of all time in a vote organised by BBC Radio.

Queen finished 400 votes ahead of the Beatles when more than 20,000 listeners were asked to choose from among five bands.

The five emerged from a list of thousands. Each group was judged on song-writing, lyrics, live performances, originality and showmanship.

The Rolling Stones came third, followed by Oasis and Take That.

Queen, led by the late Freddy Mercury, had many hits, including Bohemian Rhapsody and We are the Champions.

Source: Herald Sun


6 Responses

  1. Queen is great, but not better than the Beatles or Sotnes.

  2. The inherent problem with these polls is that it fails to take into account the demographics of the field. The average age of a BBC radio listener is well below the avarage age of a Beatle fan. Queen comes off as a much more polished and glitzy band when you compare thier respective multimedia offerings. For example, Queen’s video of Bohemian Rhapsody is much more polished that watching the Beatles performance on Ed Sullivan. To the younger audience, this is interpreted as being a better band.

    Besides, true fans know better.

    I’ve got a poll: When did the BBC play better music, 2006 or 1966?

    I vote for 1966

  3. They Broke up 37 years ago.Half of them are dead and they came in second.Not bad.

  4. ‘Queen’ did complete a UK and US tour promoting their music, the Beatles still do very well considering no one has promoted anything of theirs for years to get publicity. You can never beat the mighty Queen for unique rock music that will never die. Anyone interested in Queen should visit our website at http://www.thebrianmoles.com its free to join, the majority of our members are Queen fans but not all, so you don’t have to be a Queen fan to join. We aim to be a community where people can meet and make new friends, then throughout the year we hold events to raise money for charity (and to have a good time) and regular fun competitions to win some fantastic prizes. Take a look at our new website today.

  5. I am sure that the Stones split the vote. If you had a poll between the top two it would be a landslide in the Beatles’ favor.

  6. Sorry, Queen eclipse The Beatles on musicianship alone. Harrison was a mediocre player and May, though admittedly not as technically proficient as players he has worked with like Eddie van Halen, is, in my opinion, the most creative rock guitarist in history. Mercury was a finer and more charismatic front man than McCartney and Deacon a far better bass player. Roger Taylor added less ordinary backing vocals than Starr and provided great lead vocal efforts with Queen. Yes, The Beatles were a great band with some magical songs but to allude to Queens’ winning the BBC poll based on video technology is laughable.

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