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Heather makes demands in divorce.

You know we had a thought that she was gold digging.  It was there in the back of ourt minds as Paul defenders.  Well every tiger, folks, eventually shows off their stripes.  It looks like little-miss-charity has bared her teeth with a set of demands that boggles my mind.  It truly is an impressive list of “needs.”  It looks like she is making a swipe at Paul’s jugular, and going for a lot.  I’m surprised she didn’t go after Paul’s handwritten lyrics from Chaos and Creation while she was at it.

I mean who really needs helicopter rides?

Here’s what we’ve read.

Heather Mills is demanding four of Sir Paul McCartney’s homes in an amazing divorce shopping list.

She has told her lawyers she wants the properties – in London, Sussex, Los Angeles and New York, according to the Sunday edition of the London Mirror.

(Read the entire list of demands below the cut.)

And her list also details her plans for a jetset life with their daughter Beatrice, 3 – which includes cars, clothes, holidays, bodyguards, a private jet and helicopter rides.

Mills, 38, also wants an annual allowance – because she claims the high-profile marriage and split wrecked her career.

And she is demanding a oneoff lump sum – believed to be $100 million – as “back payment” because she says she was unable to get work while they were together.

But sources believe she is using the wish list as a bargaining tool and is likely to settle for much less.

A source close to McCartney said Mills was “living in dream land. Paul will be mildly irritated or even amused rather than seriously worried or upset.”

Last week, the Sunday Mirror revealed that McCartney had vowed not to pay Mills “a single penny” and that any settlement would be solely for Beatrice.

He says he owes Mills nothing because he made nothing during the marriage. In fact, he claims that the huge cost of his world tours meant he actually recorded a loss while they were together.

He also claims that he is worth only $600 million – not the $2 billion that has been widely reported. A source told the Sunday Mirror: “Heather was reeling from Paul’s counterclaims. She’s drawn up a list of exactly what she will need to carry on in the lifestyle she’s used to.”

Mills’ demands could total up to $400 million. If Mills got what she wanted it would be the biggest ever divorce payout in British legal history – after just four years of marriage.

McCartney, 64, is known to have built up a substantial property portfolio over the years and as part of her shopping list, Mills wants him to hand over the $8 million home they used to share in St John’s Wood, North West London.

Mills was humiliatingly barred from the mansion when she arrived with Beatrice in August and found all the locks changed.

Mills claims that she has been left with no savings because she was unable to get work while they were a couple.


Four homes:

– $8-million mansion in St. John’s Wood, London

– $12-million home in Beverly Hills, Calif.

– $10-million apartment and offices in New York

– $3-million log cabin in Sussex

Maintenance staff, housekeepers and gardeners for all the homes

Nanny until Beatrice is 18

Two helicopter rides a week

Access to private plane

Bodyguards for her and Beatrice

Cars for each home (to be replaced every two years)

Annual holidays for her and Beatrice

Replace electrical, computer goods every two years

Clothing allowance for her and Beatrice

Private schooling for Beatrice

Child maintenance

Entertainment allowance

Grocery and fuel allowance

Private health care for her and Beatrice

$100 million lump sum

Source: Newsday


One Response

  1. Can’t believe she’s asking for the St. John’s Wood house. Paul has owned that since 1966! Or is there another one I don’t know about?

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