Abbey Road Pub reopens with a little help from its friends

A while back we were absolutely dismayed to report that a Virginia Beach Beatles-themed establishement was gutted by a fire. Well it looks like it is back up and running, with some melted memorablia to boot.  It looks like we all celebrate our own Beatle-history in different ways.  I have been to this lovely pub, and am glad that it has reopened so quickly.

30 p.m. Tuesday.

It turns out that we are going to go to Virginia Beach again this summer.  We’ll take so pictures so you all can have a virtual visit.  Great news indeed.

Here’s what we’ve read.

Abbey Road Pub & Restaurant is back to where it once belonged.

Actually, the popular Oceanfront eatery, known for its extensive Beatles memorabilia, is in better shape more than two months after an electrical fire and after $300,000 in remodeling. “It’s nice and shiny and beautiful now,” said Tim Nicholson, a manager at the 24-year-old restaurant.

The fire happened Oct. 24, when a new electrical meter was being installed near the restaurant’s front entrance at 203 22nd St.

City fire officials said it started when a Dominion Virginia Power worker dropped a bolt into the meter box, sending an electrical current up the building’s front wall.

Heat from the fire melted plasma TVs and ceiling fans. Eight new flat-screen televisions now hang in their place above refinished tables and floors.

Black soot blanketed the bar and dining area. “We were forever cleaning up dust,” Nicholson said.

Even the dozens of beer cans that have wrapped around the bar for years – the restaurant sells 101 international beers – were given a thorough wiping down.

Smoke and fire damaged Beatles album covers, posters and autographed pictures that restaurant owner Bill Dillon has collected since the 1960s.

A local restoration company helped save much of the art, reframing color posters and black- and- white photos of the Fab Four in sleek modern frames.

Collectibles, including a melted copy of The Beatles’ 1963 album, “Please Please Me,” now hang on a memorabilia memorial wall where the fire started. A bubbled 45 of “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” is framed nearby.

Nicholson said Dillon, who is out of the country on vacation, still hopes to replace some of the lost artwork.

They’re also eager to welcome back customers, many of whom stopped by the past few weeks to check on the progress.

Brandon Harkey slid up to the bar for an early lunch on Saturday. He enjoys the laid-back atmosphere, usually with a side order of Nachos Supreme.

“This is just a place where you can come in a relax,” Harkey said, reaching for his glass of beer.

“They’ve always been good to customers.”

Source: Pilot Online


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