Harrison intruder found slain.

The stories of the Yoko blackmail scheme over the past few weeks have really been creepy.  If you really look back and look at the past with rabid, lunatic, Beatle fans…there isn’t the best track record with wackos.  Well, it looks like there is one less Beatle wacko in the world.  This story made me a little sad.  Karma I guess.

ALSO….in case anyone wants to read a recap of Ms. Keleher, now deceased, and the intrusion on George’s home in Maui back in 2000 check out the story here.

Here’s what we’ve read.

One of two people found dead north of Truckee has been identified as a woman arrested several years earlier on charges of trespassing at the Hawaii home of ex-Beatle George Harrison.

Cristin Joyce Keleher, 34, often traveled by train between Truckee and her family’s home in New Jersey, Nevada County sheriff’s Lt. Ron Smith said Wednesday.

Keleher served four months in jail in 2000 for entering Harrison’s home without his permission, eating a frozen pizza and doing her laundry, according to the Associated Press.

An anonymous call Dec. 19 directed Nevada County deputies to the area of California 89 and Hobart Mills Road, where Keleher and Truckee resident Stanley Everett Merchant, 48, were in a sport utility vehicle with gunshot wounds to their heads.

Deputies said the case is still being investigated but evidence suggests that Merchant shot Keleher, put her into the SUV, drove a quarter mile and shot himself. Blood was found on the scene and a quarter mile from the vehicle, deputies said.

Smith said Merchant and Keleher had prior arrests in addition to the incident at Harrison’s home.

“In Nevada County, we’ve had both of them in jail in Truckee, but it wasn’t for anything serious,” Smith said.

Merchant and Keleher both worked odd jobs and Smith said evidence showed the two were living together in Truckee.

Source: RGJ


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