Global rush for Beatles Hotel

Last year my brother went to England I was steaming jealous.  Here is is poor older brother who has never been across the pond, and this little (OK well he’s not so little) ‘er young man is stealing his thunder.  Of course my first question was, “Which Beatles site did you see first?”  To my dismay, he didn’t even make the trek to find Abbey Road for me.  I know that the country is old, old, old..I mean c’mon he had to at least see one Beatle tourist site, at least by accident. 

 Hard Days Night Logo

I’ve decided that I’m going to make the trip sooner or later, and I’m going to be that obnoxious Beatles’ tourist.  I figure why not attempt to stay at this wonderful hotel, and flaunt my fondness for all things Beatle.  It looks so unbelieveably cool.  If you haven’t checked out the website for the new Beatle-themed Hard Day’s Night hotel, do so.  It looks like it is going to be nothing but grand.  It also sounds like it already is filling up with questions about reservations.

Could we U.S. Beatle fans see an upcoming Fest for the Beatles popping up at a Beatle-themed hotel across the pond?  We’ll have to wait and see.

Here’s what we’ve read.

The site for the themed Beatles hotel on the corner of Mathew Street, Liverpool

Liverpool’s new Beatles-themed hotel has had close to 2,000 enquiries about rooms almost a year before it is due to open and four months before staff are due to start taking bookings.

Detailed artists’ impress- ions of the 110-room Hard Days Night Hotel went on public display at the launch of this year’s Mathew Street festival.

Managers also launched a website and announced booking lines would open next April, ahead of the hotel’s expected opening some time in autumn 2007.

But fans have proved Beatlemania is alive and well, and, four decades since the Fab Four’s first visit to Tokyo, around 1,000 Japanese fans have already emailed the HDN team to find out about booking a room.

So far, around 50% of queries have come from Japan, around 30% from the US and 20% from Europe, mostly the UK, Holland and Germany.

And it appears the four-star hotel may buck Liverpool’s trend as a weekend break destination as many fans are asking about staying for a full week.

“What’s surprised us is the number of enquiries coming from Japan,” said Jonathan Davies, of developers Bowdena, which struck the deal to convert the former Central buildings on the corner of North John Street and Matthew Street.

“Also, we thought most of them would be coming for a weekend, but people are asking if they can book for a week.

Mr Davies said refurbish- ment work was on track for the hotel’s huge opening party in autumn 2007, although no date will be set for the event until next year.

Two extra floors have been added to the building’s original roof, making it six storeys high offering magnificent views of the city, and a new wooden roof has been finished and clad in zinc.

Mr Davies confirmed Bowdena was also locked in negotiations with the London landlord of the neighbouring Cavern Club to discuss whether plans for a tunnel between the two could go ahead.

It was Bill Heckle, manager of the Cavern’s operators Cavern City Tours, who first conceived the idea for the HDN hotel more than a decade ago.

Bowdena signed a £10m deal with CCT to refurbish the derelict Grade II-listed site in May 2005, after the plan won £2.3m European funding following a documentary about Mr Heckle’s struggle to have his dream turned into reality.

Now a deal has been struck for specialist hotel con- sultants Hospitality Management International to run the operation.

Mr Heckle, who also runs the Mathew Street festival, will maintain a non executive directorship of the business, and CCT will run an information kiosk in the hotel foyer.

Last year, John Lennon’s half-sister, Julia Baird, said she thought her brother would have approved of the design, which includes hanging a different original painting of the Beatles in each bedroom.

The paintings, by American airbrush artist Shannon, will tell the story of the band – starting in the basement with depictions of the Quarrymen’s first gigs in the Cavern.

It will finish on the hotel’s sixth floor with images inspired by the Beatles’ final live performance on the roof of Apple’s London studios in 1969.

The hotel will also include conference and meeting facilities with a “Beatles twist”, an exclusive bar and four-star restaurant.

Central Buildings were built in 1884. The huge office block was designed by Thomas C Clarke and has been noted for its grand colonnade of polished granite.

Source: icLiverpool


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