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Acting naturally…Ringo making documentary of his life.

It looks like Ringo is telling his own story.  I had read some postings in a message board about this a few days ago, and it sounds exciting.  Some people were saying that it would simply be people recalling Ringo and saying what a great guy he is.  I don’t think so…if you piece together all of the information from various books and sources, and look at all the stuff we know about Ringo, I mean we really do not know that much.  It will be refreshing to see something new about one of the Beatles in film at least.  Maybe he’ll do another anthology (so far) album to accompany the film.

Here’s what we’ve read.

Ringo Starr is making a documentary about his life.

The Beatles legend is tired of hearing myths and lies about himself and has decided to reveal the truth He said: “It’s an anthology we are doing on me.”

The 66-year-old drummer, who battled alcoholism after The Beatles split, will film the programme and speak to the people who know him best in the music industry.

A source told Britain’s Daily Express newspaper: “To most of the general public, Ringo is still the Liverpudlian who simply got lucky by hooking up with Lennon and McCartney at the right time.

“Less is generally known about Ringo’s story. He is speaking to people such as Beatles producer Sir George Martin in the film, and it is hoped people will go away with a better understanding of him.”

Ringo was once described by the late John Lennon as the “heart” of The Beatles.
The documentary is set to be broadcast on British TV next year.

Source: 24Dash


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