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Chauffeur Threatened Yoko Ono, Prosecutor Says

Oh Yoko.  It looks like your troubles have simply begun.  Like I said in the earlier post about your driver getting arrested, I simply hope that this clears up easily for you.  It doesn’t seem to be clearing easily at all.  It looks like this will be a very sticky and hairy situation.  We all hope you the best in these trying times, and hope that this matter is taken care of as soon as possible.  It’s just so sad to see.

In addition to this story, here are a few more links to additional stories about Yoko and her chauffeur problems.  

Here’s what we’ve read. 

Yoko Ono’s chauffeur claimed that he had people “on standby” ready to kill Ms. Ono and that he was planning to move to Turkey permanently and write a book about her if she did not yield to his demands for money, a prosecutor said today.

The threats by the chauffeur, Koral Karsan, 50, a Turkish immigrant, were part of a letter read in Manhattan Criminal court this morning, as Mr. Karsan appeared there on charges that he tried to blackmail Ms. Ono, his employer for 10 years.

Police and prosecutors have said that Mr. Karsan, who was arrested Wednesday, threatened to distribute photographs of Ms. Ono wearing pajamas and tapes of her private telephone calls unless she paid him off.

The prosecutor, Maureen O’Connor said in court today that the evidence against Mr. Karsan was “truly overwhelming.” She said he had demanded $2 million from Ms. Ono, the widow of John Lennon, and had “threatened to ruin the lives of the victim, her friends and her family” if she did not pay.

She added, “He indicated that he had people on standby, waiting to kill the victim in this case.”

Ms. O’Connor read a passage of the letter , in which Mr. Karsan said he planned to move to Turkey permanently, where he would put his experiences as Ms. Ono’s driver into a book and distribute — and presumably sell — material on the Internet and to broadcasting outlets.

“I will not only write about these recordings but will distribute them to European broadcasting stations,” the letter said. “Be advised I am moving back to Turkey permanently and will publish my book in Turkey and will distribute the prints throughout the Internet from Iran where I have already secured e-commerce capability.”

Mr. Karsan’s lawyer, Patrick K. Brosnahan Jr., said his client would “vigorously dispute” the charges, and said that Mr. Karsan had no background of violence.

A judge ordered Mr. Karsan jailed until he could post bail of $250,000 cash or $500,000 bond and provide assurance that it was not the product of illegal activity.

Mr. Karsan, wearing a long black woolen overcoat, his white hair swept back, said nothing during the proceedings.

The prosecutor argued that Mr. Karsan was a flight risk because, although he owns a house in Suffolk County, which his lawyer valued at $300,000 to $400,000, he also owns property and has family in Turkey.

The judge, Tanya Kennedy, also issued orders of protection against him for Ms. Ono and her lawyer, Jonas Herbsman, forbidding Mr. Karsan to visit, telephone or send messages or faxes to their homes, places of business or “anywhere you believe them to be.”

Mr. Karsan, who has been charged with attempted grand larceny by attempting to extort property valued at more than $1 million.

Mr. Karsan’s lawyer said his client had issues related to his employment by Ms. Ono, though he did not specify what they were. He said that Ms. Ono had a history of problems with her employees. “I think in fact there is a genuine basis for this dispute,” he said.

Mr. Brosnahan declined to comment on Mr. Karsan’s contention to reporters, as he was being arrested, that Ms. Ono had complained to the police because she was trying to stop him from pressing a sexual harassment case against her. Mr. Karsan was accompanied to court by his adult son, who was prepared to attest to his good character, the lawyer said. But the son was never identified by name or asked to speak before the judge, and fled when reporters tried to talk to him.

Source: NY Times


One Response

  1. I feel bad for her.

    But I mean, God forbid! Pictures of Yoko in her.. PAJAMAS!? Jeez. Does he not realize we’ve all seen her naked?

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