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AUDIO: White album Christmas mashup from Stephen Colbert

It looks like Comedy Central funnyman Stephen Colbert has called for DJ’s and fans to remix Beatles music for the holidays.  It didn’t take long for the fans to create new mashups of the White Album ala DJ Dangermouse and his infamous Grey Album.

It looks like you can download these White Album/Christmas Carol mashups.  Get them before they are forced to be taken down.  You know that Appl/Capitol will be all over them in a very short time.   Some of them are actually pretty good.

(Click on album art to go to download page.)

Happy Holidays!


6 Responses

  1. I just found out about two beatles mashup albums called The Beachles (Beach Boys & Beatles) and Let it Beast (Beastie Boys & Beatles). Worth a listen although it gets a bit of getting used too!

  2. Just wanted everyone to know another source of this fun event is http://www.thewhitechristmasalbum.com -PushX

  3. It looks like PushX has ripped off their content!

  4. He didn’t, but thanks hero! It has been resolved!

  5. […] A few days a go we posted a link to the Beatles’/Comedy Central  mashups on the White Christmas album, and many of you have responded.  You guys had eaten those mashups up (no pun intended).  We have scoured the internet, and found a new fan mashup parody on The Beatles’ latest Cirque de Soleil LOVE album.  Without further adieu I present to you…The Beatles’ HATE album. […]

  6. Just wanted to add that that second comment wasn’t actually posted by me, just someone using my name and website. So apologies PushX.

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